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Maintenance; Cleaning Your Washing Machine; Cleaning The Water Inlet Filter - LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual

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• Unplug the washing machine before cleaning to
avoid the risk of electric shock. Failure to follow
this warning may result in serious injury, fire,
electric shock, or death.
• Never use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or
solvents to clean the washing machine. They may
damage the finish.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Care After Wash
• After the cycle is finished, wipe the door and the inside
of the door seal to remove any moisture.
• Leave the door open to dry the drum interior.
• Wipe the body of the washing machine with a dry cloth
to remove any moisture.
Cleaning the Exterior
Proper care of your washing machine can extend its life.
• Wash with a damp cloth on the outside and inside and
then dry with a soft cloth.
• Immediately wipe off any spills.
• Wipe with a damp cloth.
• Do not press the surface or the display with sharp
Cleaning the Interior
• Use a towel or soft cloth to wipe around the washing
machine door opening and door glass.
• Always remove items from the washing machine as
soon as the cycle is complete. Leaving damp items
in the washing machine can cause wrinkling, colour
transfer, and odour.
• Run the Tub Clean cycle once a month (or more often
if needed) to remove detergent buildup and other

Cleaning the Water Inlet Filter

• Turn off the stopclock if the washing machine is to be
left for any length of time (e.g. holiday), especially if
there is no floor drain (gully) in the immediate vicinity.
• '
' icon will be displayed on the control panel when
water is not entering the detergent drawer.
• If water is very hard or contains traces of lime deposit,
the water inlet filter may become clogged. It is
therefore a good idea to clean it occasionally.
Turn off the water tap and unscrew the water inlet
Clean the filter using a hard bristle brush.