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Hints And Tips - AEG BSE782320B User Manual

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Table of Contents
10.7 Cooling fan
When the oven operates, the cooling fan
turns on automatically to keep the


Refer to Safety chapters.
The temperature and baking
times in the tables are
guidelines only. They
depend on the recipes and
the quality and quantity of
the ingredients used.
11.1 Cooking
Your oven may bake or roast differently
to the oven you had before. The below
tables provide you with the standard
settings for temperature, cooking time
and shelf position.
If you cannot find the settings for a
special recipe, look for the similar one.
11.2 Inner side of the door
On the inner side of the door you can
• the numbers of the shelf positions.
• information about the heating
functions, recommended shelf
positions and temperatures for
11.3 Advice for special heating
functions of the oven
Keep Warm
The function allows you to keep food
warm. The temperature is set
automatically to 80 °C.
Plate Warming
The function allows you to warm plates
and dishes before serving. The
temperature is set automatically to 70 °C.
surfaces of the oven cool. If you turn off
the oven, the cooling fan can continue to
operate until the oven cools down.
Place plates and dishes in stacks evenly
on the wire shelf. Use the first shelf
position. After half of the warming time
switch their places.
Dough Proving
The function allows you to rise yeast
dough. Put the dough into a big dish.
Use the first shelf position. Set function:
Dough Proving and the cooking time.
Remove the food packaging and put the
food on a plate. Do not cover the food,
as it can extend the defrosting time. Use
the first shelf position.
11.4 Full Steam
Be careful when you open
the oven door when the
function is on. Steam can
This function allows you to sterilise
containers (e.g. baby bottles).
Put the clean containers up side down in
the centre of the shelf on the first shelf
Fill the drawer with the maximum
quantity of water and set the time to 40
This function allows you to prepare all
types of food, fresh or frozen. You can
use it to cook, warm, defrost, poach or
blanch vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, rice,
semolina and eggs.
You can prepare a full meal at one time.
Cook together dishes with similar
cooking times. Use the largest quantity

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Table of Contents

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