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AEG BSE782320B User Manual page 19

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Table of Contents
Yeast Dumplings,
Yeast Dumplings,
Tagliatelle, fresh
When it is necessary to
change the weight or the
core temperature of the
dish, use
the new values.
6.7 Setting a heating function
1. Turn on the oven.
2. Press
to confirm.
3. Set the temperature.
4. Press
to confirm.
6.8 Steam cooking
The water drawer cover is in the control
Use only cold tap water. Do
not use filtered
(demineralised) or distilled
water. Do not use other
liquids. Do not put
flammable or alcoholic
liquids into the water
1. Press the cover of the water drawer
to open it.
2. Fill the water drawer with cold water
to the maximum level (around 950
ml) until the signal sounds or the
display shows the message. The
water supply is sufficient for
approximately 50 minutes. Do not fill
the water drawer over its maximum
capacity. There is a risk of water
leakage, overflow and furniture
to set
3. Push the water drawer to its initial
4. Turn on the oven.
5. Set a steam heating function and the
6. If necessary, set the function:
or: End Time
The steam appears after
approximately 2 minutes. When the
oven reaches the set temperature,
the signal sounds.
When the water drawer is running
out of water, the signal sounds and
the water drawer needs to be refilled
to continue the steam cooking as
described above.
The signal sounds at the end of the
cooking time.
7. Turn off the oven.
8. Empty the water drawer after the
steam cooking is completed.
Refer to the cleaning function: Tank
The oven is hot. There is
a risk of burns.
9. After Steam Cooking steam can
condensate on the bottom of the
cavity. Always dry the bottom of the
cavity when the oven is cool.
Let the oven dry fully with the door open.
To speed up the drying you can close
the door and heat up the oven with the
function: True Fan Cooking at
temperature 150°C for approximately 15
6.9 Heat-up indicator
When you turn on a heating function, the
bar on the display comes on. The bar
shows that the temperature increases.
When temperature is reached the buzzer
sounds 3 times and the bar flashes and
then disappears.
6.10 Fast Heat Up Indicator
This function decreases the heat-up time.
Do not put food in the oven
when the Fast heat up
function works.

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Table of Contents

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