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Steam Cleaning; Cleaning Reminder - AEG BSE782320B User Manual

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Table of Contents
2. Pull the front end of the shelf support
away from the side wall.
3. Pull the supports out of the rear
Install the shelf supports in the opposite

12.4 Steam Cleaning

Remove as much dirt as possible
Remove the accessories and the shelf
support to clean the side walls.
The steam cleaning functions support
the steam cavity cleaning of the oven.
Before you start a cleaning procedure,
make sure that the oven is cool.
When the steam cleaning function works,
the light is off.
1. Fill the water drawer to the maximum
level (around 950 ml of water) until a
signal sounds or the display shows
the message.
2. Choose the steam cleaning function
in the menu: Cleaning.
Steam Cleaning - the duration of the
function is around 30 minutes.
a) Turn on the function.
b) When the programme ends a
signal sounds.
c) Press a sensor field to turn off the
Steam Cleaning Plus - the duration
of the function is around 75 minutes.
a) Spray a suitable detergent
uniformly in the oven cavity on
both enamel and steel parts.
b) Turn on the function.
The first part of the programme
ends after around 50 minutes.
c) Press
Follow the message
in the display to
complete the
d) Wipe the cavity of the oven with
a non-abrasive surface care
sponge. You can use warm water
or oven detergents.
e) Press
The final part of the procedure
starts. The duration of this stage
is around 25 minutes.
3. Wipe the cavity of the oven with a
non-abrasive sponge. You can use
warm water.
After cleaning keep the oven door open
for approximately 1 hour. Wait until the
oven is dry. To speed up the drying you
can heat up the oven with hot air at
temperature 150 °C for approximately 15
minutes. You can get maximum effects of
the cleaning function if you manually
clean the oven immediately after the
function ends.

12.5 Cleaning Reminder

When reminder is displayed cleaning is
necessary. Perform the function Steam
Cleaning Plus.
You can enable / disable the function:
Cleaning Reminder in the menu: Basic
12.6 Steam generation system
- Descaling
When the steam generator operates,
limestone accumulates inside it (because
of calcium contents in the water). This
can have a negative effect on the steam
quality, on the performance of the steam
generator and on the food quality. To
prevent limestone accumulation, clean
the steam generation circuit.
Remove all accessories.
Select the function from the menu:
Cleaning. The user interface will guide
you through the procedure.
The duration of the complete procedure
is about 2 hours.
The light in this function is off.

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Table of Contents

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