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Business Errand Entry; Simple Business Errand Entry (Without Reason) - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx

6.2.2 Business errand entry

The business errand entry shows that an employee authorized for outside official business (personnel
master record) leaves his workplace during the working time to undertake official business outside of
his working facility. This can be a brief absence in an other building as well as business trips over
several days.
Only employees that have logged in their presence with a "Clock-in" entry, can thereafter carry out a
"AOB-out" entry (AOB = Away on business).
There are 3 different types of busines errand entries, which are to be set in the time recording software.
The Online-/Offline behavior is similar to the Clock-in / Clock-out entries. Due to this we renounce a
detailed presentation.
The reasons for absence must/can be defined in the time recording software.
The employee presses the key assigned with "B.Errand". There is no entry possibility in the next screen,
except a selection between AOB-in and AOB-out or terminatin by ESC. Simple Business Errand entry (without reason)

The terminal is situated in basic condition (see chapter 6.1.1) and awaits key activity. The employee
presses the key assigned with "B.Errand", the terminal expects the entry, presented by the symbol:
The entry procedure and the terminal displays are similar to chapter 6.2.1.



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