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Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 24

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Local IP:
Local Port:
RDT-Baud rate (see baud rate)
RS 232:
RS 485:
Tableau Control:
(Only with the "Communication type = ESSER protocol" parameter set!)
With this function, it is possible to control the attendance status shown on the personnel
tableau via the TRS 33xx. This function is especially implemented for remote station operation
to always be able to read here also the current attendance status of the personnel on the
The value "Off" deactivates this function. The use of "Tab. Offline" activates the tableau control
only in offline operation, which is tipical for a remote station. In the "Tab. Onl/Offl" mode, the
tableau control is active both in online as well as offline operation, whereas the tableau control
is further done by the time recording software. The terminals, however, synchronise the
attendance statuses among themselves, to be able to continue the control of the tableau
The local (own) IP-address of the device must be entered fixed (even with
DHCP-servers a fix IP-address is necessary). The individual IP-address is to
be requested at the network administrator.
The IP-address is the address, under which the connected device can be
uniquely identified and addressed in the network via the Ethernet interface card.
It has to be choosen carefully, because an IP-address allocated twice can
cause network errors.
The IP-address consists of 4 parts:
Port number of the IP-address of the device. The factory setting is 10001. If the
time recording software requires a different port number, it must be entered
here. In any case, it must agree with the settings of the time recording software
(contact the network administrator).
Connection according to chapter 2.4
Connection according to chapter 2.4
The Netmask gets more and more significance in separated networks. The
Netmask is used to define which part of the IP-address is the networkaddress
and which part od the IP-address is the Host address. In the standard these
borders are clearly defined (8/24 Class A, 16/16 Class B, 24/8 Class C).
Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
IP-address (xxx).(xxx).(xxx).(xxx)
possible values: Off / Tab. Offline / Tab. Onl/Offl



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