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Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 26

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
7. Reader type parameter:
possible values: Magnetic/Chip card/Proximity/
Wiegand/infrared/inductive/variable ISO-Code
The <Reader type> specifies the reader built into the TRS 33xx according to the physical principle of
its operation mode.
The devices with integrated (proX2, mifare) reader correspond to the contactless (proximity) reading
principle. Due to this, the factory setting of this parameter is Proximity. For devices without an integrated
reader (for connecting a customer-specific reader), this menu offers a list of further readers.
A wrongly specified reader type prevents reading the identity cards! Depending on the selected <Reader
type>, the following parameter entry is suppressed or adapted to the reader type.
8. Reader design parameter:
possible values: Mortise reader/Swipe reader
This parameter will be diplayed only when the previous parameter has been set to any reader type exept
proximity. For proximity readers this parameter will be skipped, continue directly with step 9.
Specifying the reader design, together with the previously specified reader type, defines the installed
reader. If the reader type is correctly given, but the reader design is entered incorrectly, the cards are
rejected with a "Reading error" or no reaction occurs on the reader.
Magnetic card readers are generally to be defined as swipe readers!
Depending on the selected reader type, there may be different types of coding to be entered.
9. Parameter Codierung:
In this parameter, special data is required about the card coding type, depending on the previously set
reader type. This parameter is also only interrogated by the TRS 33xx when required by the previously
defined reader type and reader design.
When selecting a ISO coding (variable ISO code, inductive), information needs to be given to enable
finding the identity card data efficiently; departing from which character the identity card is to be read
(Start IDCARD-NO:), how many digits are to be interpreted as the identity card number (Length
IDCARD-NO:), departing from which character the system number is to be found (Start SYS-NO:) and,
likewise, for how long the characters read are to be interpreted as system numbers (Length SYS-NO:).
Analog data is still to be entered for the version number (Start VERSION-NO:, Length VERSION-NO:).
In order to make this positioning clear, the START DIGIT of the ISO coding must be given (Standard:



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