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Individual Settings Of System-Setup - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx

Individual settings of System-Setup

The examples following use a simplified display presentation in order to accentuate the essential
In this parameter, the language is defined that is used in the following. The displays during booting
remain English, independent of the selected language.
With parametrizing via the time recording software, the terminal will be set to the language
defined in the time recording software.
Special options
In this parameter, special options deviating from the standard programming can be set using "Yes =
set". They are described in the following paragraphs.
The default setting No skips the options of this submenu and goes directly to the menu System data
-> Type of communication.
If the terminal should not work as required, the individual settings of the special options are to
be checked and if neccesary set to default.
Display last entry type (for entry/exit) parameter:
Y = set:
The terminal can automatically change to a perdefined entry type. This can be defined
in a table of the time recording software.
Deviating from standard the display shows its basic condition till the first valid entry
has been done.
For example, if the first entry is an "Clock in" entry, the entry type "Clock in" will be
displayed as long as another entry type is done, e. g. "Clock out" and so on.
possible values: German / English
possible values: No = Standard / Yes = Set parameter
possible values: No = default / Yes = set parameter



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