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System-Setup; Initial Installation - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Initial Installation

The first time the terminal is turned on, the TRS 33xx begins with some system messages that run
automatically until it calls for the user to set the parameters in the terminal by means of the time
recording software.
All these system messages until the language selection box appear in English. This is a
standard setting and will also be displayed in English while booting even if another language has
been selected.
The terminal waits for a parameterization, which means loading the data entered in the time recording
software, e. g. autghorized ID cards, switch over table etc. Data loading will be done via one of the
interfaces integrated in the terminal (RS 485-, RS 232- or Ethernet interface).
Before Parameterization by the time recording software the system settings (System-Setup) of
the terminal must be done.
Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx



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