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Neutral Entries; Querying The Stored Information Fields - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx

6.2.3 Neutral Entries

With OEM applications, a switch-over table can be defined to display the entry type "Ready".
An ID-card can be read without any pre-selection of a certain entry type. The meaning of the individual
entry will be found out in the time recording software (see also chapter 6.1.1).
In addition, all the entry types indicated by the softkeys are possible.

6.2.4 Querying the stored information fields

The information fields can be queried on the TRS 33xx by the personnel, if the information field desired
is defined in the software and the individual field (or all of them, maximum 200) is allocated to the TRS
Depending on the setting of the information field in the software, the query is possible either in online
or offline operation or set to depend on the online connection of the TRS 33xx terminal to the software.
The following example illustrates the principle procedure of using an information field.
The terminal is situated in the default status and awaits key activity. The employee presses the key
assigned with "Info". The terminal expects the entry, presented by the symbol:
The terminal displays the first four information fields given (if available):



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