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Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 18

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If a wrong entry of the system code is made, you either can wait for the expiration of the timeout or
terminate with <ESC>. The display shows again the initial state (see previous page). The required
entries are to be repeated.
After correct system code entry the terminal software data are displayed:
Meaning of the softkeys:
Recommended procedure:
The four softkeys have been newly assigned for the input of the system data itself:
Additionally, a termination is always possible with F1, as long as it is indicated on the display.
All entries made in the current display must be confirmed with the <ENTER>-key. If there is a selection
of more than one item, always the value which was last highlighted will be saved.
If incorrect data has been confirmed with the <ENTER> key by mistake, you can go back with the
<BACK> key to repeat the last entry or entries. A few system parameters are interconnected in such
a way that correcting the last parameter could eventually result in the TRS 33xx not returnining to the
last, wrong parameter, but to the first parameter that forms a logical unit with the wrong parameter.
The two <  > and <  > keys are used for selecting from the parameter settings available and serve for
scrolling up or down on the display. The scroll bar allows itself to be moved from the initial position in
the upper margin of the display "upwards" to the last entry of the parameter list as well as downwards
to the next entry of the list (continuos scrolling).
Additionally, the System-Setup can be exited at any time via the function key
F1. Subsequently, the system settings should at least be checked for
completeness and correctness and be corrected/completed if neccesary, as the
modifications will be saved by exiting via F1.
Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
Page down within the System-Setup.
Page up within the System-Setup.
Display of database occupancy (which is still
empty at this time, see also chapter 5.2 and
chapter 6.2.5).
Page down (corresponds to the examples of next



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