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Clock Out Entry - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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38 Clock-out entry
a) Terminal is online
The terminal is situated in basic condition (see chapter 6.1.1) and awaits key activity. The employee
presses the key assigned with "Clock-out", the terminal expects the entry, presented by the symbol:
The employee books, the entry is processed in the time recording software. Depending on the duration
of the processing, an hour glass can briefly be displayed. If the terminal can receive the data within the
time defined in System-Setup (see chapter 5.1.2, step 12), the code number of the ID card and the
confirmation "Clock-out entered" will be displayed in the left upper corner. The center of the display
shows the information set as standard display type in the System-Setup (see chapter 5.1.2, step 14), in
this example "Balance":
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