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Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 22

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Meaning of the individual parameter (in alphabetical order)
3-wire / 5-wire:
Address / Terminal address:
The <Terminal address> must have a value between 1 und 32 and may only exist once per bus
controller (uniqueness!). To prevent malfunctions of the bus system by duplicate addresses
during the terminal installation, the factory setting of the address is the invalid value 33.
Baud rate:
The <Baud rate> parameter determines the speed of the data transmission with which the bus
on the TRS 33xx is operated. If the <Communication type> is set to "RDT protocol", this
parameter is called <RDT Baud rate>, which, however, also specifies the speed of the data
transmission (here, the value adheres to the transmission speed of the modem). The default
value is 19,200 Baud.
Communication Timeout:
If there is no valid communication within the this time, Offline will be displayed. The factory
setting (= maximum value) is 3.000 msec. It is recommended to keep/set this maximum value
in order to have enough time to transmit data bofore displaying <Offline>, even when the
network is highly frequented and/or there is a high quantity of data.
Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
Selection of the wiring according to chapter 2.4.
Using the Event protocol, the terminal communicates event controlled
with the host. That means, the terminal sends an entry directly to the
host at the moment it has been done at the terminal. In opposite to the
conventional network communication, where normally the server
checks by continuous polling if the individual terminals have any data
to receive, the network will be charged only when an event occurs. By
possible values: Addresse - 32
possible values: 2.400 - 19.200 Baud
possible values: 500 - 3.000 msec
Destination virtual address
My virtual address



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