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General Information; Entry Types; Reading Procedure; Operating Notes - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx

General Information


Entry types

Standard entries for time recording:
200 individually definable Info entries
type of wage accounts).
The booking data are collected from the terminal by the time recording software and integrated into the
data base. The complete booking process and the necessary calculations take place centrally.
In Online mode, the current values are calculated and displayed, the Offline mode displays the latest
balance of the accounts stored in the terminal.
In RDT mode, only the last values stored in the terminal will be displayed. The executed entries are
stored in the terminal as long as the superior time recording software calls the branch to receive the
collected data. This procedure - as well as the loading of data - should be executed regularly, e. g. once
during the night in order to get the most current entries in the time recording software and to have the
branch terminal updated with the latest account balances.

Reading procedure

Proximity/contactless data carriers (cards, key fobs, chips) with the readeing procedures proX1, proX2
and mifare can be used as identification media and for recording person specific identy card data
(identification card number).
Note to transponders:
When using several transponders of the same frequency range (125KHz and 13,56MHz),
reading errors can occur with insufficient distance between the transponders. There is no safety
risk, only the reading will be prevented if there are several transponders within the reading area.

Operating notes

The device is not suited for use in the open air.
The TRS 33xx time recording terminal is to be used purely as an in-house device within an
(access control) protected area (see also chapter 11 = technical data).
These accounts must be defined in the superior time recording software.
Entering (Clock in), Exiting (Clock out), business
errand (Away on business out / Away on business in)
as well as
such as inquiries of personal accounts (time, absence or



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