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Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 47

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
Entry time error
Identity card unknown
Info inquiry not permitted
Key not allowed
No identity cards
Reason incorrect
Reading error !!
System number incorrect
Time total inquiry not
>>> Terminal not
ready to run <<<
Version number incorrect
Weekly pattern <0> not
This message comes from the master computer and denotes the
The booking sequence Clock-In / Clock-Out together with the
respective entry times was incorrect on this day. The computer can
therefore no longer process the entries and refuses every entry from
here on with this message.
Identity card unknown. The identity card used for booking is not
registered in the terminal.
The <Info> key is blocked for this identity card. An authorization for
the <Info> display is not noted for this identity card.
The key activated by the user has not been enabled for him in the time
recording software.
The terminal has been parameterized but no identity card data has
been downloaded.
During a Business errand entry with reason, the absence reason
selected cannot be allocated by the system; possibly, the current
absence reason table is not stored in the terminal.
The card was not read properly. The booking must be repeated.
The identity card used for the booking has the incorrect system
The authorization for time total inquiry at the terminal is not assigned
to the employee in the personnel master record of the time recording
This message is displayed as long as the terminal is not in a
parameterized state.
The identity card used for the booking has the wrong version number.
This message can only appear in an OEM application of the terminal,
when a personnel master record has no valid weekly pattern number
(1 - 250) assigned to it.



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