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Terminal Equipments - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Terminal equipment
- TRS 3300 Time Recording Terminal 12V without integrated reader
- TRS 3330 Time Recording Terminal 12V with proX2-reader
- TRS 3350 Time Recording Terminal 12V with mifare-reader
Scope of delivery:
In the following we will call the devices generally TRS 33xx, as they differ only by the integrated reader.
Integrated interfaces:
Several interfaces canbe selected in the terminal (transmission rate generally between 4.800 and 19.200
Asynchronous RS 232 interface (max. distance = 15 m) for direct connection via COM-port / or
for RDT (Remote Data Transmission) connection via modem.
Asynchronous RS 485 module bus interface (3-wire / 5-wire connection, max. distance =
1.500m) for connection via interface converter or bus controller.
Asynchronous RS 485 host interface (3-wire / 5-wire connection, max. distance = 1.500m) for
connection to PC.
Ethernet interface (10/100 MBit/s) for connection to Ethernet netzworks.
Additionally there exists an RS 232 interface, e. g. for connecting a barcode reader (max. cable
length = 3m).
Layout and assignment of the interfaces see chapter 8 = component diagram and terminal
The terminal has a dynamic memory which will be filled with the data defined in the superior time
recording software. The actual amount of IDs possible at a maximum depends on the size of an ID data
record. This size itself depend on the number and definition of the info fields (see chapter 6.2.4).
Max. amount of IDs without info fields: approx. 40.000
Max. amount of IDs with info fields of maximum length: approx. 4.500
Typical average value with 3-4 info fields (according to the examples in the following): approx. 19.000
The size of the info fields depend on the used host application (time recording software). For this, we are
not able to give any statements.
The entry memory can store up to 87.000 entries (only necessary in Offline mode, in Online mode each
entry will be transmitted immediately to the time recording software).
If the entry memory should happen to be occupied in Offline mode, the terminal displays the message
" Memory full" and further entries will not be stored. If the connection to the host computer (time recording
software) is rebuilt (Online), all the stored entries will automatically be transmitted to the host computer.
Function is not supported by the current firmware.
- Terminal
- 2 x side cover
- Sealing for wall mounting
- Accessory bag
- Documentation
Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
Item no.: 029802.UL
Item no.: 029803.UL
Item no.: 029804.UL



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