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Operation; Indications; Basic Condition - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx




6.1.1 Basic condition

The display in basic condtition is depending on an existing switch-over table defined in the time
recording software.
If no switch-over table is defined, or not found for the current time, the device displays time, day, date
and and promts to strike one of the four user keys (softkeys).
The key allocation of the softkeys depends on the section currently used. The individual description can
be found in the corresponding paragraphs.
With this display, no entry is possible. First a required entry type must be selected by pushing the
corresponding softkey.
If a switch-over table is defined, the terminal displays a definite entry type at a certain time (e. g. Clock
in between 7:00 and 9:30 a. m., Clock out from 16:00 on). In this case the displayed entry can be done
directly, or you can switch to another entry type by using one of the softkeys.
Further possibilities of the display presentation in basic condition according to a switch-over table see
chapter 6.2.3 and 6.2.6.



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