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Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 23

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Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
Group address:
this, the general network performance will be less derogated.
Each terminal needs its own virtual address (MVA) for identification.
The current value is displayed. It can be changed via the decimal
keypad to one of the allowed values if necessary.
A virtual destination address (DVA) can be allocated to each terminal
(that is the participant, the terminal transmitts its data to).
Each address may only occur once in the whole network!
Normally this field should be set to ON. The device can
recognise whether it is ONLINE or OFFLINE, even in resting
phases (no bookings).
Set to OFF, the ONLINE/OFFLINE connection will only be
checked when data are to be sent. Because of costs, OFF is
only recommended with dailing network connections.
With the ISO protocol, the physical connection types Ethernet (RJ 45) and
UART (RS 232, RS 485) can be used.
The Gateway IP-address is used, if the interface has to set up also a
connection to devices in other networks via a Gateway. All data blocks
addressed to a device allocated to this other network will be sent to the defined
Gateway, which forwards them to the other network.
By using the group address, the address range limited to 32 addresses can be
extended by factor 30.



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