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Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 28

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10. Display activation time:
To reduce the power consumption, in this parameter a timeout in minutes can be defined to switch off
the background illumination of the display, if no key has been pressed or no card has been read within.
The next action (keystroke or reading) illuminates the display again. It remains active till the next
expiration of the entered time.
Factory setting is 30 minutes / 0 = no deactivation.
11. Display time balance in ¼ seconds parameter:
With this parameter, the <Balance display duration> can be set to values between ¼ second and 8
seconds, as desired. The booking frequency can thereby be increased on the terminal. Default values
are 8 * ¼ seconds = 2 seconds.
12. Timeout for receiving in seconds:
The <Timeout for receiving in seconds> is the maximum waiting time for an answer from the time
recording software. During this time an hour glass will be displayed. The default value is 5 seconds.
If the time recording software usually needs longer than the entered time, this parameter should be
increased appropriately.
13. Ignore logtime depending error reports:
This parameter is especially intended for OEM applications that may, in part, not send weekly patterns
to the TRS 33xx terminal that would, in turn, send error messages ("No weekly pattern", "Time error")
to the software. The default setting here is "No".
Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx
possible values: 0 - 254 minutes
possible values: 1 - 32 seconds
possible values: 0 - 32 seconds
possible values: Yes/No



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