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Querying The Data Base Occupancy - Honeywell TRS-3300 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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The employee, using the two keys on the right (arrow keys) now selects the account of which he would
like to inquire the current status. Then he identifies himself at the terminal with his identity card.
The terminal sends the query directly (online) to the PC software and the software sends the current
calculated data base value back to the terminal, provided with the allocated output texts as specified
at the info field definition.
In the example below, the data base value with explanatory text reads:
Up to 200 such data base inquiries can be defined and used on one or several TRS 33xx systems.
Doing this, the information fields can be individually allocated to each single TRS 33xx, so that, e.g.,
one terminal has purely a booking function, while another terminal acts as an inquiry terminal.
After the display of the information field has taken place, the display returns to the basic condition
(time/date) and eventually expects further data base inquiries or an entry.
By using the individual formation of the output texts, each data base inquiry can be provided with more
or less explanatory text as specified by the operator (see the manual of the specific time recording
software, text length restrictions!).

6.2.5 Querying the data base occupancy

Information about the occupancy of the database within the terminal can be found out:
as a brief overview according to chapter 5.2
detailed by pressing the softkey DB in the System-Setup (see chapter 5.1.1).
Installation and Operating Instructions TRS 33xx



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