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AEG Voxtel SM420 Quick Start Manual page 12


Table of Contents
Charge the battery
Use only supplied/approved battery and charger.
Using others may be dangerous and will invalidate
approvals or warranty. A battery must be fitted.
Do not charge with the back cover removed.
• Connect the charger lead firmly into the micro-
USB socket at bottom of the handset, or place
the handset directly in the charging cradle.
• Plug the mains power adapter into an AC mains
socket. If the handset is turned on, "Charger
connected" displays for a few seconds, and
the battery symbol bars scroll to indicate that
charging has started. If the handset is turned
off, the display shows a battery symbol with
the segments cycling to indicate charging has
• Charging the battery may take up to 4 hours.
• If "charger connected" does not display, dis-
connect and retry.
• The battery is fully charged when the bars
within the battery symbol are continuously on.
Disconnect the charger from the phone and the
AC outlet. "Charger removed" displays for a
few seconds to indicate the charging has stop-


Table of Contents

Table of Contents