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AEG Voxtel SM420 Quick Start Manual page 6


Table of Contents
Medical units
The use of equipment that transmits radio signals,
e.g. mobile phones, can interfere with insufficiently
protected medical apparatus. Consult a doctor or
the manufacturer of the apparatus to determine if
it has adequate protection against external radio
signals, or if you have any questions. Wherever
there are notices to forbid use of mobile phones,
you should comply. Hospitals and other health
care facilities sometimes use equipment that can
be sensitive to external radio signals.
Pacemaker manufacturers recommend a distance
of at least 15 cm. between a mobile phone and
a pacemaker to avoid the risk of interference
with the pacemaker. These recommendations
are in accordance with independent research
and recommendations from Wireless Technology
Research. People with pacemakers should:
• not carry the unit in a breast pocket
• hold the unit against the ear on the opposite
side from the pacemaker to reduce the risk of
If you suspect that there is a risk of interference,
turn off the unit and move it further away.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents