AEG Voxtel M410 User Manual
AEG Voxtel M410 User Manual

AEG Voxtel M410 User Manual

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Voxtel M410


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Summary of Contents for AEG Voxtel M410

  • Page 1 USER GUIDE Voxtel M410...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    BECAUSE WE CARE Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has been designed and assembled with utmost care for you and the environment. This is why we supply this product with a quick installation guide to reduce the number of paper (pages) and therefor save trees to be cut for making this paper.Thank you for supporting us to protect our environment.
  • Page 4 Charging your battery Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The full performance of a new battery is achieved only after two or three complete charge and discharge process. The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times but it will eventually wear out. When the talk and standby times are dramatically shorter than normal, replace the battery.
  • Page 5 Note: • After the phone has run out of battery, we recommend you recharge in time. • To ensure safety, do not change the parts and accessories of the battery by yourself or take off the battery shell. • We suggest you only use the original battery supplied with your phone to avoid any damage to your phone.
  • Page 6 2.3.3 Pacemaker Pacemaker manufacturers recommend a distance at least 15cm. between a mobile phone and a pacemaker to avoid the risk of interference with the pacemaker. These recommendations are in accordance with independent research and recommendations from Wireless Technology Research. People with pacemakers should: • not carry the unit in a breast pocket • hold the unit against the ear on the opposite side from the pacemaker...
  • Page 7: Box Content

    Follow the restrictions that are in force on the use of radio equipment near places where fuel is stored and sold, chemical factories and places where blasting is in progress. Areas with risk for explosion are often – but not always – clearly marked. This also applies to below decks on ships: the transport or storage of chemicals;...
  • Page 8 Description Left soft key Press to enter the menu. Press to confirm settings Long Press to dial the direct memory stored under this key (M1) Right soft key Press to enter phone book. Press to Exit settings Long Press to dial the direct memory stored under this key (M2) Up and down key Press to select menu items or scroll through lists.
  • Page 9: Icon Description

    Torch key Shift up/down to switch on / off the torch LED SOS key Press and hold to activate SOS call. Outside display Screen icons Icon Description Signal Indicator, more bars indicates stronger mobile signal. Alarm clock on Battery level indicator Headset mode Missed call(s) New SMS...
  • Page 10: Get Started

    GET STARTED Install SIM card and battery For availability information on using SIM card services, contact your SIM card provider. Note: • Keep all SIM cards out of the reach of the children. • Please do not touch the metal area to avoid losing and breaking the information in the SIM card.
  • Page 11: Using Your Phone

    Use headset • Plug in the headset into the headsetsocket, the headset icon shows on the screen. Language You can select the display language. • Press the Left softkey M1 key to open the menu • Scroll to SETTINGS and press left softkey • Scroll to LANGUAGE and press OK • Select your language and press OK USING YOUR PHONE...
  • Page 12 SMS remote control function The user may remote control this mobile phone by sending a SMS, including setting of: favorite numbers, SOS numbers, phonebook and alarms. 6.3.1 Set favorite number M1-M2 Send the following SMS to the phone : Edit: AT+L:name:num:1234 >For example: Edit AT+L:Jack:1333333333:1234 >You add Jack with number 1333333333 as the favorite number.
  • Page 13: Sos Function

    • Number: The number’s limit is 40, it can not be empty. • When it is set successfully, your phone will get a confirmation message. SOS FUNCTION In case of emergency the user can press and hold the SOS key on the back of the phone for min.
  • Page 14 FAVORITE NUMBERS (DIRECT MEMORY NUMBERS) You can set up to 2 Direct memory numbers which are marked as M1 and M2. To dial the direct memory numbers press and hold M1 or M2 keys until the display shows CALLING You can select any existing number from your phonebook.
  • Page 15 Names -> Option –> More --> Caller groups, you can add/edit caller groups, as well as group members. You can send SMS to all group members. Phonebook settings • Preferred storage: You can select storage to prefer to SIM or Phone. • Speed dial: You can set speed dial on or off and edit speed dial number.
  • Page 16 10.1 Write message Your phone can edit and send message. • In the idle mode, press Menu -> Messaging ->Write Message. • Select Text message (SMS) or Multimedia message (MMS) • Press # to change input method. • After finish the SMS, press Options: • Send to: You can select the recipient from phonebook, or enter recipient number directly.
  • Page 17 • View : Read this message • Resend: Send this message • Edit: Edit the current message. • Delete: Delete the current message. • Delete all: Delete all message 10.5 Sent messages All sent messages are saved in the sent messages. Select Messages -> Sent messages, then press Select Options: • View : Read this message • Forward: Forward sent the message.
  • Page 18: Call History

    CALL HISTORY 11.1 Call history 11.1.1 Missed calls If you have a missed calls, in the idle will display “Missed Call”, press the left soft key to read the phone number. • To view a list of the last 20 phone numbers from which somebody has tried to call you, select Menu ->...
  • Page 19: Audio Player

    FM radio Menu -> FM Radio. • Press up key to turn FM on/off. • Press left key to adjust the frequency.. • Press the right key to adjust the frequency. • Press the side key to adjust the volume. • Press the left key for options. >Options: • Channel List: You can edit channel name and frequency.
  • Page 20 • Play: Play the current music. • Detail: You can view the detail of the music. • Refresh list: Refresh music list or create a folder „My Music“ on memory card. • Settings: You can set the play mode. • Select Options for: Note: All music tracks must be stored in a folder named My Music (default setting).
  • Page 21 14.2.3 Sceen mode You can select Auto or Night. 14.2.4 Effect setting You can select Normal, Grayscale, Sepia, Sepia Green, Sepia Blue, Color Invert. The default is Normal. 14.2.5 Storage You can select the storage is phone or Miscro-SD card 14.2.6 Restore default Reset all of the settings to their default values.
  • Page 22: Video Player

    14.4.3 White balance You can select Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Cloudy, Incandescent. 14.4.4 Effect setting You can select Normal, Grayscale, Sepia, Sepia Green, Sepia Blue, Color Invert. The default is Normal. 14.4.5 Storage You can select the storage. 14.4.6 Restore default Reset all of the settings to their default values.
  • Page 23: User Profiles

    USER PROFILES 16.1 Activate In the idle, select Menu -> User Profiles to display the menu: General, Meeting, Outdoor, Indoor, Headset, Bluetooth. You can set Tone settings, Volume, Alert Type, Intelligent call alert, Ring Type, Extra Tone, Answer Mode. The headset mode can not be activated until you plug into headset. 16.2 Customize Menu ->...
  • Page 24 • Power on display: You can set your power on display picture • Power off display: You can set your power off display picture • Show date and time: You can select on or off. • LCD backlight : set the brightness of the LCD light 17.4 Call settings Call waiting (Network service)
  • Page 25 • On: To activate the PIN, the phone request the code each time the phone is switched on. • Off: To switch off the PIN. >If you input the wrong PIN code for thrice that the phone will request to input the PUK code. If the PUK code is not provided, please contact your network operator.
  • Page 26 18.2 Calendar You can view calendar, press the left soft key “Options”to View, View all, Add event, Delete event, Jump to date, Go to today ,Go to weekly view. • View: You can view tasks list of today. • View all: You can view all tasks list of all days. • Add event: You can add new tasks.
  • Page 27 Alarm You can set 5 alarm. In the edit alarm interface, you can set On or Off, Time , Repeat, Snooze and Alert type. • Use * and # to select. BLUETOOTH Menu -> Settings --> Bluetooth • Power: To power on/off the Bluetooth. • Visibility: Set the Bluetooth.
  • Page 28 As SAR is measured utilising the device’s highest transmitting power, the actual SAR of the device while operating is typically below the above indicated level. This is due to automatic changes to the power level of the device to ensure it only uses the minimum level requested to reach the network. While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, they all meet the governmental requirements for safe exposure.
  • Page 29 21.3 If your phone has problems frequently, please refer to the answers as follows. If you still cannot solve the questions, please contact the mobile phone dealers or service provider. Trouble Possible reasons The phone cannot • Is there any power in the battery? be switched on • Is the battery installed properly? Battery cannot be...
  • Page 30: Guarantee And Service

    Cannot receive • Is the SIM card registered in the network? call • Incoming call prohibited due to call charges not paid? • Is call diverting enabled? • Is the „Bar incoming call“ function in call barring enabled? PIN locked Input the PUK code supplied with the SIM card to unlock or contact the network operator.
  • Page 31: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Dual Band GSM 900 Mhz / DCS 1800 Mhz Display 2.4“ QVGA 320 x 240 Pixel Camera 2 M pixel Battery Li-Ion 3.7 V / 900 mAh Operating time Standby: up to10 days Talk Time : up to 4 hrs Dimensions 101 x 51 x 19 mm Micro USD / EU standard...
  • Page 32 © 2013 Binatone Electronics International Limited All rights reserved Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux (publ)

Table of Contents