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Summary of Contents for AEG M1220

  • Page 1 M1220...
  • Page 2 Insert SIM1 Card Insert SIM2 Card...
  • Page 3 Insert Micro-SD Card...
  • Page 4: Safety And Precautions

    BECAUSE WE CARE Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has been designed and assembled with utmost care for you and the environment. This is why we supply this product with a quick installation guide to reduce the number of paper (pages) and therefore save trees to be cut for making this paper.
  • Page 5 roadside for communication except in case of emergency. 3. Switch off the phone when boarding an airplane and do not switch the phone on during the flight. 4. Be careful when using the mobile phone in the vicinity of devices such as pacemakers, hearing aids and other electro-medical equipment, which may be interfered by the mobile phone.
  • Page 6 the phone exposed under direct sunlight, in high humidity or in a dusty environment. 11. Do not use liquid or anything wet with strong detergents to clean the handset. Medical units The use of equipment that transmits radio signals, e.g. mobile phones, can interfere with insufficiently protected medical apparatus.
  • Page 7 • hold the unit against the ear on the opposite side from the pacemaker to reduce the risk of interference If you suspect that there is a risk of interference, turn off the unit and move it further away. Areas with explosion risk Always turn off the unit when you are in an area where there is a risk of explosion and follow all signs and instructions.
  • Page 8: Box Content

    Emergency calls Important! Mobile phones use radio signals and the mobile phone network. This means that connection in all circumstances cannot be guaranteed. Important Safety Instructions To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. BOX CONTENT In the box you will find: • 1 mobile handset...
  • Page 9: Getting To Know Your Phone

    SET HANDSET lANGUAGE • Press Menu to select “Settings”, then press OK. to select “Phone settings”, then • Press press OK. • Press to select “Language Setting”, then press OK. • Press to select your language, press OK to confirm. GETTING TO KNOW YOUR PHONE Keys and parts (see P1) Function Earpiece...
  • Page 10 • Press to adjust receiver volume during a call. Up/Down • Press to scroll to names, and Enter phone numbers, menus and settings. • Press to enter or confirm a selection. • Press to answer a phone call. Talk Key • Press to enter the call log. • Press to end or reject a call.
  • Page 11 Display icons and symbols The default standby screen shows the following information: Meaning Radio link On with signal strength when linked. Battery charge level Internal segments cycle when the battery is charging. Call divert You have activated call forwarding. Alarm Ring and Vibrate off Vibrate on New SMS...
  • Page 12: Installation And Setup

    SIM card missing Indicates SIM card 1 or 2 not inserted. Headset Indicates a headset is plugged in. Bluetooth Indicates Bluetooth is turned on. INSTAllATION AND SETUP Installing SIM/SD card battery • Switch off the phone, disconnect the power adaptor and remove the battery. • Remove the back cover by lifting it up from the bottom left side.
  • Page 13: Charging The Battery

    • Replace the back cover by placing it flat on the back of the handset and pushing down until it clicks into place. Charging the battery Warning: Use only the supplied/approved battery and charger. Using other batteries or chargers may be dangerous and will invalidate any approvals or warranty. A battery must be fitted. Do not charge with the back cover removed.
  • Page 14 Disconnect the charger from the phone and the AC outlet. “Charger is plugged out” displays for a few seconds to indicate that charging has stopped. Switching the phone on and off To switch the phone on and off: • When the phone is off, press and hold until the display turns on.
  • Page 15: Display Backlight

    Display backlight The display backlight automatically turns off if no buttons are pressed, but can be adjusted for a different time or to stay on always, by using Menu > Settings > Display > Backlight Time. Sound Profiles You can select from 5 different sound profiles or create your own, to give different ring settings, volumes, types and other alerts, by using Menu >...
  • Page 16: Using Your Phone

    USING YOUR PHONE Make a call • In idle , enter the complete telephone number and then press Talk Key. Note: Press the right soft key Delete to correct a number. 7.1.1 Make a call from the phone book • Press right soft key to open the phonebook, scroll to the desired name, or enter the first letters of the name and scroll to the desired name.
  • Page 17 PHONEBOOK You may save the contacts in the phone or SIM card. Add new contact Direct entry : • In the standby mode, input the number, then press OK-> Save to phone book. • Fill in the fields you need and select OK. From call history • From call history select a number ->...
  • Page 18 • Other: You can setting Speed dial, edit Own number, Service number, view Memory status. In the phone book interface press the up/ down key select phonebook then press left key Options : • New: You can add new phonebook. • Write message: You can write and send message to the number.
  • Page 19 MESSAGE Your phone can send, receive SMS, MMS, broadcast message and so on. These are network services, please contact your network operator or service provider before using it. Messages are saved in phone or SIM card. If one of them is full messages will be saved in the other. When both of their limits are reached, the message icon will blink, please delete some messages, otherwise the new message will not...
  • Page 20 • Add contact info: You can add contact number. • Add Phiz : You can add Phiz • Save to draft: You can select save to drafts for future use. • Exit : You can exit write message. Inbox All received messages are saved in the inbox, you can view ,edit or forward message.
  • Page 21 Outbox The outbox folder is a temporary storage place for messages that are waiting to be sent. • Resend: Resend this message to the sender. • Delete: Delete the current message. • Lock: lock the current message. • Move: move the current message. • Copy: copy the current message.
  • Page 22: Call Logs

    Security inbox All inbox messages are save in security mailbox ,the security password number is : 0000 . Templates You can select the templates when write message. Voice mail server You can use and edit the voice mail server . in idle long press 1 number key call the voice mail server number.
  • Page 23 • Write message: Send text message to the number • Add to Phonebook: Save the phone number to phone book. • Add to blacklist : Save the phone number to blacklist. • Delete: Delete the current log. • Delete all: Delete all the current log. • Mark : Mark the current log.
  • Page 24 10.5 Delete call You can delete the missed calls, dialed calls, received calls, rejected calls or delete all. 10.6 Call timers To view the duration of your incoming and outgoing calls, select Menu -> Call history -> Call timers. 10.7 GPRS counter You can view SIM GPRS counter on screen.
  • Page 25: Phone Setting

    To request the network to activate call waiting, select Activate. To request the network to deactivate call waiting, select Off To check whether the function is active, select Check Status. • Call barring Call barring allows you to restrict the calls that you make and receive with your phone.
  • Page 26 • Date Format: You can select Date Format. • Auto update time: You can Activate / Off Auto update time . 11.2.2 Language settings You can select display language and input language. 11.2.3 Shortcut settings You can select shortcut settings. 11.2.4 Restore factory settings You can restore factory setting use password...
  • Page 27: Modify Pin

    11.4 Security 11.4.1 Set SIM lock to on or off need enter PIN code. • On: To activate the PIN, the phone request the code each time the phone is switched on. • Off: To switch off the PIN. >If you input the wrong PIN code for thrice that the phone will request to input the PUK code.
  • Page 28 11.5 Profiles Profiles allow quick changes to your M1220 phone sounds, and to customer them to suit your situation. There are 5 preset profiles – Normal, Silent, Meeting, Indoor ,Outdoor. You can set the profile mode Rename, Ring setting, Adjust volume, Ring type, Other alert rings.
  • Page 29 • Set as contact icon : You can set the photo as contact icon . • Delete: You can delete the current photo. • Share: You can share the photo to the Bluetooth. • Rename: You can rename the current photo. • Slide play : You can slide play the photo .
  • Page 30 APPlICATION 13.1 Games Press Menu to Game interface and select Snake . In the game interface press left key “OK” select list: • New Game: To play new game. • High score: To view the game high score. • Level: You can select game level. • Help: Display the introduction about how to play the game.
  • Page 31 13.4 Word clock You can select word clock. 13.5 Timer You can use the timer. 13.6 Unit Conversion You can use the unit conversion 13.7 Bluetooth • Press Menu to Application interface and select Bluetooth, press left key OK enter the Bluetooth, • Power: To power Activated/close the Bluetooth.
  • Page 32 13.9 Image You can view Image. 13.10 FM radio • Press Menu to FM radio interface : • Press ok key to turn FM on/off. • Press left key to adjust the frequency. • Press the right key to adjust the frequency. • Press the side key to adjust the volume.
  • Page 33: File Manager

    INTERNET Press Menu to enter Internet select Open : • Homepage: You can access the homepage. • Input URL: To enter address of webpage. • Book marks: To display the bookmark. • History: to view history. list • Offline pages: to view offline pages list. FIlE MANAGER Can insert SD card function.
  • Page 34: Guarantee And Service

    CAlENDAR Press Menu to Calendar and press Options list: • Add new schedule: You can add new schedule: • View schedules: You can view tasks list of today. • All schedules: You can view all tasks list of all days. • Clear today’s tasks: You can clear today’s tasks: • Clear all: You can clear all event • Go to date: Input date today...
  • Page 35 Please keep your sales receipt; this is your proof of guarantee. 17.1 While the unit is under Guarantee • Pack up all parts of your phone system, using the original package. • Return the unit to the shop where you bought it, making sure you take your sales receipt.
  • Page 36: Technical Details

    TECHNICAl DETAIlS Standard GSM Mobile Frequency Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 System Phase 2+ Operating Standby: > 200 hours Time (with fully Talking: > 4 hours charged battery) Charging Time < 2 hours Temperature Operating: 0°C to 40°C range Storage: -20°C to 60°C Electrical power Bl-5C li-ion Handset battery...
  • Page 37: Disposal Of The Device

    DISPOSAl OF THE DEVICE (ENVIRONMENT) At the end of the product lifecycle, you should not throw this product into the normal household garbage but bring the product to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. The symbol on the product, user guide and/or box indicates this.

Table of Contents