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Sos Button - AEG Voxtel SM420 Quick Start Manual

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During standby mode with the display on,
press and hold the SOS button for 3
seconds to start the emergency call
operation. The phone outputs an emergency
siren from the speaker during a countdown,
before sending the emergency SMS to any of the
five emergency numbers that are programmed.
By default this message is „Help me!"
Then the phone makes a call to the first
programmed SOS Number.
If the first number is busy or out of area, not
answered within 25 seconds or not press „0"
within 25 seconds, it will try the 2nd and then the
3rd, 4th and 5th. If it still does not get through it
will repeat the sequence 5 times.
You can use the emergency SOS button even
if the key lock is turned on. The receiver of the
SOS call need to press „0" on his phone to
comfirm the call is answered and to stop the SOS
This function only works if the SOS function is
turned on, and at least one SOS number exists.


Table of Contents