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AEG Voxtel SM420 Quick Start Manual page 5


Table of Contents
3. Switch off the phone when boarding an airpla-
ne and do not switch the phone on during the
4. Be careful when using the mobile phone in
the vicinity of devices such as pacemakers,
hearing aids and other electro-medical equip-
ment, which may be interfered by the mobile
5. Never attempt to disassemble the phone by
6. Do not recharge the phone without battery
being installed.
7. Charge the phone in well-ventilated environ-
ment and keep away from inflammable and
highly explosive elements.
8. To avoid demagnetization, keep the handset
away from magnetic substances, such as mag-
netic discs or credit cards.
9. Keep the phone away from liquid. If soaking or
erosion occurs, take the battery out and con-
tact the supplier.
10. Avoid using the phone in extremely high or
low temperature environments. Never leave
the phone exposed under direct sunlight, in
high humidity or in a dusty environment.
11. Do not use liquid or anything wet with strong
detergents to clean the handset.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents