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  • Page 2 Menu Names...
  • Page 3 Insert SIM Card Insert SD Card...
  • Page 4: Safety And Precautions

    BECAUSE WE CARE Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has been designed and assembled with utmost care for you and the environment. This is why we supply this product with a quick installation guide to reduce the amount of paper (pages) and therefore save trees to be cut for making this paper.
  • Page 5 3. Switch off the phone when boarding an airplane and do not switch the phone on during the flight, unless the airline specifically allow it. 4. Be careful when using the mobile phone in the vicinity of devices such as pacemakers, hearing aids and other electro-medical equipment, which may be interfered by the mobile phone.
  • Page 6 Safety and Attentions In order to use your mobile phone safely and efficiently, please read your messages before using: • Please be careful when you are near chemical plant, gas station, tank farm and other exploders. Even if your mobile phone is in standby, it will send out RF signal as well.
  • Page 7 tear down and adapt the battery. If the phone has excessive temperature, discolor, variant, bulking, weeping and other unusual phenomenon, please stop using and change the battery immediately so as not to affect the safety. Please place the old batteries in specific recycle spots.
  • Page 8 Medical units The use of equipment that transmits radio signals, e.g. mobile phones, can interfere with insufficiently protected medical apparatus. Consult a doctor or the manufacturer of the apparatus to determine if it has adequate protection against external radio signals, or if you have any questions. Wherever there are notices to forbid use of mobile phones, you should comply.
  • Page 9 Emergency calls Important! Mobile phones use radio signals and the mobile phone network. This means that connection in all circumstances cannot be guaranteed. Therefore you should never rely solely on a mobile phone for very important calls such as medical emergencies. Important Safety Warning To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.
  • Page 10: Getting To Know Your Phone

    GETTING TO KNOW YOUR PHONE Keys and parts Meaning 1 LED Light LED torch beam. Charging input for power 2 Micro USB adapter. Performs function Left soft displayed on the screen above this key. • Press to answer a phone call. 4 Talk key • Press to enter the calls log.
  • Page 11 • Press to end or reject a call. End Call / • Press to return to the Home Power On- Screen/Standby mode. Off button • Press and hold to switch the phone on or off • In idle : press to input “#”. • In idle : press and hold to switch between user profi- 10 # Key le and silent.
  • Page 12 Display icons and symbols The default idle screen shows the following information: Meaning Radio link Showing the signal strength. Battery charge level Internal segments cycle during battery charging. Alarm On if alarm is set. Silent mode Ring on On if only the ringer is enabled. Vibrate on On if only the vibrate is enabled.
  • Page 13: Installation And Setup

    Missed call On if you have new missed calls. Bluetooth On when bluetooth is active. Connected to a computer USB port. Photo Contact INSTALLATION AND SETUP The phone requires a valid 2G type SIM card to work correctly. Install the SIM card and battery • Switch off the phone, disconnect the power adaptor and remove the backcover.
  • Page 14 phone, and push the the battery down until it clicks into place. • Replace the back cover by placing it flat on the back of the handset and pressing until it clicks into place. Charge the battery Warning: Use only supplied/approved battery and charger. Using others may be dangerous and will invalidate approvals or warranty.
  • Page 15 • The battery is fully charged when the bars within the battery symbol are continuously on. Disconnect the charger from the phone and the mains socket. “Charger removed” displays for a few seconds to indicate the charging has stopped. Note: The phone can also charge from a computer USB port, and transfer files if Mass storage is selected.
  • Page 16: Making And Answering Calls

    Note: When the keypad is locked, you can answer, end or reject a call in the normal way, use the SOS button or dial the Emergency Services number 112 or 999 and operate the phone as usual during a call. MAKING AND ANSWERING CALLS To make a call Ensure the phone is switched on and in service.
  • Page 17: Using The Phonebook

    Earpiece volume • During a call, press to alter the volume. The volume level displays and stays for future calls. USING PHONEBOOK & SPEED DIAL KEYS You can store names and phone numbers in the Internal phone book (up to 500) and in the SIM phone book (SIM dependant).
  • Page 18 • Press Options then Select to Save the new contact. Note: When writing the name, use # to switch cases, between Upper case (ABC), Sentence case (Abc), Lower case (abc) or Numerals (123), and use * to insert punctuation or special characters. To call a stored number • From idle mode, press Names (Right Soft Key) • Press Menu, select Phonebook, and OK.
  • Page 19 To activate/deactivate the speed dial: • Select Status, press OK, then press select On or Off, and OK to save the setting. To set the numbers on speed dial: • Select Set numbers then press OK. Press to select * or # number or the numbers 2-9, then press Edit (or Options then Edit if not empty).
  • Page 20 SETTINGS SOS setting • Press Menu enter into Settings. • Select SOS settings and press OK. • Scroll to Status and setup SOS status on/off. • Scroll to SOS Numbers to setup SOS number, here you can setup 5 numbers. • Scroll to SOS SMS on/off to choose send SOS SMS or not.
  • Page 21 answered it will play the SOS recorded voice message by default this message is „This is an emergency call to accept press “0”. You can record your own SOS voice message. It is important to inform during your message the receiver need to press “0”...
  • Page 22 • Select Set time/date and press OK. Enter Time and date and press Save. • Select Set format and press OK. Here you can set the time and date shown format. • Select Update with time zone and press OK to choose On /Off to set if time need updated with time zone.
  • Page 23 • Here you can Activate or deactivate the functions below: Caller ID Call waiting Call Divert Call Barring Advanced Settings User profiles • Press Menu scroll to Settings. • Select User profiles and press OK.Then you will see four mode as below: General Silent Meeting Headset...
  • Page 24 • Scroll to Ringtone and press Options to select preferred ringtone. • Scroll to Ringtone volume and press Option, to adjust volume,press OK to save. • Scroll to Message and press Option to select a prefered ringtone for message. • Scroll to Message volume and press Option, to adjust volume,press OK to save.
  • Page 25 Block function You can disable functions to simply use of the phone. • Press Menu scroll to Settings and press OK. • Select Block function and press OK. • Scroll to choose each function you want to disable and press Done. Up/Down key shortcut settings Here you can set shortcuts for up key and down key.
  • Page 26 Phone security Here you can setup Phone lock status on/off. Change password Screen auto lock Press OK to on/off auto lock. 8.12 Restore factory settings Press OK and input password (0000) to reset your phone to the default. PHONEBOOK Add new contact • Press Menu enter into Phonebook and press • Select Add new contact and press Options.
  • Page 27 Photo contact • In the standby model, press Menu, scroll to Phonebook and press OK . • Scroll to Photo Contacts and press Option. Press Edit - Enter a Name and Numbers for contact. • Press Options to select Caller picture. Select one of the following options and press Select from camera and press Options to Select from camera to take a picture.
  • Page 28 Make a call • In standby mode,input phone number including the area code, delete with Clear. • Press to dial and press Abort to cancel calling. Make a call from phonebook • In standby mode,press Names to open the phonebook. • Use scroll to view the contacts or quick search by pressing the first letter of the name.
  • Page 29 • Select a message from the list and press Options to view the message. Others options as below: Reply Input your message and send to the sender. Call sender Press Select to call sender. Forward Press Select to forward message to other contacts. Delete Press Select to delete the message.
  • Page 30: Call History

    10.5 Sent messages Here you can check all messages you sent out. 10.6 SMS settings Here you can check memory status and setup preferred storage or save sent message. 11 CALL HISTORY All received calls, All calls, Delete call logs, missed calls, Dialled calls are saved in call history.
  • Page 31 13 ORGANIZER 13.1 Alarm • Press Menu enter into Organizer, select Alarm and press OK. • Press Edit to select status on/off. Press the * and # key to change the status on/off . • Enter the time directly by keypad. • Scroll to select repeat times and Alert type. • Press Save to activate the alarm, cancel it by press Back .
  • Page 32 Visibility: Select on/off to make the phone visible /invisible to other devices. My device: Saved device name and allow you to add new devices. Search audio device: Search for the available audio device, search by press Yes. If connect other device, need to share password, enter it and press OK.
  • Page 33 Delete event Delete the selected event. Jump to date Enter the date and press OK. Go to today Shown the date of today . Go to weekly view Shown the date of this week 13.5 FM radio • Press Menu enter into Organizer, press OK to select FM radio.
  • Page 34 Warning! If memory card is insufficient, delete some document or expand the storage with T card. 13.7 Image viewer View all saved photos under this menu. 13.8 File manager Use it to manage all files, you can rename, copy, delete,move the files. • Press Menu scroll to Settings, select File management and press OK.
  • Page 35 14.1 To view the call log entries • From the home screen/idle mode, press show the All Calls – a combined list of received calls, dialled calls and missed calls. • Press Menu, then to show Call history and OK, where you can view separate lists for Missed calls, Dialled calls, Received calls, All calls or Delete call logs.
  • Page 36: Sms Text Messaging

    15 SMS TEXT MESSAGING Send and receive text messages. These are saved in the phone memory (up to 50) or on the SIM card (SIM dependant). Received SMS are stored in the Inbox and the icon indicates new messages. Also “New message” is displayed. 15.1 To access the SMS menu • Press Menu and then...
  • Page 37 Note: When writing text, use # to switch cases, to Upper case (ABC), Sentence case (Abc), Lower case (abc) or Numerals (123). Note: to move the cursor, Clear to delete letters and the * key for symbols or punctuation, or repeated pressing of the 1 key . • To send, press Options to show Send to.
  • Page 38: Sos Button

    View to read the message. Reply to send a reply to the message. Call sender to call the message sender. to forward the message to another Forward recipient. Delete to delete the message. to delete all SMS from the same Delete same number number.
  • Page 39 If the first number is busy or out of area, not answered within 25 seconds or answered but “0” is not pressed within 25 seconds, it will try the 2nd and then the 3rd, 4th and 5th. If it still does not get through it will repeat the sequence 5 times.
  • Page 40: Default Reset

    17 DEFAULT RESET If you want to clear all data in your phone and reset it to the factory settings. • Press Menu to show Settings. • Press OK and then to select Restore settings. • Press OK and input the phone password (Default = 0000), followed by OK.
  • Page 41: Technical Details

    18.2 After the Guarantee has expired If the unit is no longer under Guarantee, contact us via 19 TECHNICAL DETAILS Standard GSM Mobile GSM 850/900/DCS Frequency Band 1800/1900 MHz Operating Standby: > 360 hours Time (with fully Talking: > 5 hours charged battery) Charging Time <...
  • Page 42: Disposal Of The Device

    20 CE DECLARATION This product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC. The Declaration of conformity can be found on: DISPOSAL OF THE DEVICE (ENVIRONMENT) At the end of the product lifecycle, you should not throw this product into the normal household garbage but take the product to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic...
  • Page 43: Cleaning And Care

    22 CLEANING AND CARE Do not clean any part of your phone with benzene, thinners or other solvent chemicals as this may cause permanent damage which is not covered by the Guarantee. 22.1 When necessary, clean it with a damp cloth.

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