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Cooking Guide; Oven Shelf Location - AEG 49669GO-MN User Manual

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• F or best baking results preheat oven for 30 minutes.
• S elect the correct shelf location for food
being cooked .
• T he grill tray can be used in the oven as a baking
dish, except in oven shelf location 1 .
• M ake sure dishes will fit into the oven before you
switch it on .
• K eep edges of baking dishes at least 40mm from the
side of the oven . this allows free circulation of heat
and ensures even cooking .
• D o not open the oven door more than necessary.
• D o not place foods with a lot of liquid into the oven
with other foods . this will cause food to steam and
not brown .
• A fter the oven is turned off it retains the heat for
some time . use this heat to finish custards or to dry
bread .
• D o not use a lot of cooking oil when roasting. This
will prevent splattering oil on the sides of the oven
and the oven door . polyunsaturated fats can leave
residue which is very difficult to remove .
• W hen cooking things which require a high heat from
below (e .g . tarts), place the cooking dish on a scone
tray in the desired shelf position .
• F or sponges and cakes use aluminium, bright
finished or non-stick utensils .
• R emove unnecessary trays or dishes when roasting
or baking .

oven shelf location

your oven has 6 positions for shelves or grill dish carrier .
these are numbered from 1 (the lowest shelf position)
to 6 (the highest shelf position) . see diagram .
to give maximum space above and below the shelves,
load them in this way:
• W hen cooking with 1 shelf, use position 1 or 2.
• W hen cooking with 2 shelves, use position 1 and 3.
• W hen grilling use positions 4,5 and 6.
use the oven efficiently, by cooking many trays of food
at the same time . for example:
• C ook 2 trays of scones, small cakes or sausage rolls.


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