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LFO Sync Note
Sets the LFO frequency as a proportion of the tempo set by the TAP button
Note: This parameter will be displayed and can be set if "LFO Tempo Sync" is On.
See page 40 "LFO Sync Note"
LFO Waveform
Selects the LFO waveform
See page 40 "LFO Waveform"
LFO Shape
See page 40 "LFO Shape"
LFO KeySync
Specifies whether the LFO will be reset by note-on
See page 40 "LFO KeySync"
LFO Init Phase
Sets the starting location of the waveform
Note: This parameter will be displayed and can be set if "LFO KeySync" is On.
See page 41 "LFO Init Phase"
LFO Spread
Sets the LFO phase difference between the left and right channels
[Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine, S&H]
[Off, On]

Ring Modulator

This effect creates a metallic sound by applying the oscillators to the input signal.
Use the LFO or Dynamic Modulation to modulate the oscillator to create a radical
modulation. Matching the oscillator frequency with a note number will produce
a ring modulation effect in specific key ranges.
Stereo In - Stereo Out
Fixed Frequency
Note O set, Fine
Note No.
Note (Key Follow)
Sets the balance between the effect and dry sounds
OSC Mode
This parameter switches between specifying the oscillator frequency and using
a note number.
If this is set to Note, the oscillator frequency will track the note of the input signal.
Fixed Frequency
This parameter sets the oscillator frequency when "OSC Mode" is set to Fixed.
If this parameter is assigned to the "Long Ribbon (Filter)", it can be switched
to "Note Offset" if the "OSC MODE" is set to Note.
Note Offset
Sets the pitch difference from the original note in semitone steps when the "OSC
Mode" is set to Note
Effect guide
Dry / Wet
Ring Modulator
Ring Modulator
Dry / Wet
OSC Mode
[Dry, 99:1...1:99, Wet]
[Fixed, Note]


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