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Chapter 11. Troubleshooting - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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11. Troubleshooting
Connections from Visual Studio.NET 2003 to Pocket PC and Windows CE .NET devices can be
difficult to establish. This appears to be a Visual Studio issue and is not limited to only CASIO
handheld terminals. The good news is that once you have established an initial connection, you are
unlikely to experience problems thereafter. Here are some things to try if you find that you have this
Start with an empty, out of the box device. If necessary, hard reset the DT-X11 by holding
down the power key, the CLR key and poking the reset hole on the back of the terminal. Follow
the on-screen instructions to complete the hard reset. If in doubt, see the User Guide. Please
note that this will erase any data currently held in RAM on the device.
In Visual Studio, choose Tools-Options-Device Tools-Devices. Set the Platform to
Windows CE. Make sure that Transport is set to TCP Connect Transport. Note that once
you have successfully connected you can use the Save as option to rename the connection
type to DT-X11 - this makes it clearer which device you are deploying to in future.
Follow the instruction in the Windows CE Utilities for Visual Studio 2003 readme file in
order to identify the processor type of the connected device. For DT-X11, choose ARMV4I.
The default location for the utilities is; \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
2003\CompactFrameworkSDK\WinCE Utilities.
Establish the ActiveSync connection, and then initiate Visual Studio. Try to deploy a solution.
If it fails, exit Visual Studio, re-start it and try to deploy again.
Try running the ProxyPorts.reg file that comes with the Windows CE Utilities for Visual
Studio 2003 from Microsoft. See the Readme file that comes with the utilities for detail about
this. After doing this, follow the steps above.
Follow the other advice in the WinCE Utilities readme file.
Run the Visual Studio .NET 2003 setup again. Uninstall Smart Device Programmability (by
removing the check boxes) and then re-install Smart Device Programmability.


Table of Contents

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