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Embedded Visual C; Building Simple Evc++ 4.0 Test Program; Chapter 8. Embedded Visual C - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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8. eMbedded Visual C++

8.1 Building Simple eVC++ 4.0 Test Program

1. Initiate eVC++ 4.0.
2. Navigate to File → New in the File menu.
Figure 8.1
3. Highlight WCE Application in Projects tab (see Figure 8.1).
4. In Location field, navigate to the folder where you want to create the new project.
5. In Project name field, type in the name for the project.
6. In CPUs pull-down menu, set Win32 (WCE ARMV4I) enabled. You can also set Win32(WCE
emulator) and Win32 (WCE x86) enabled.
7. In the next dialog, leave A typical "Hello World!" application checked. Click Finish button
and then click OK button.
8. Below the Toolbar you will see a line of pull-down menu lists. Look for the one that indicates
STANDARD SDK and choose DT-X11 from this list. The right most pull-down menu list will
now change to DT-X11 Device (see red circle in Figure 8.2)
Figure 8.2
9. Initiate an ActiveSync connection as described elsewhere in this guide.
10. Choose Rebuild All from Build menu (or use the appropriate icon on the Toolbar).


Table of Contents

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