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Using The Device Emulator; Dt-X11 Device Emulator - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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7.3 Using the Device Emulator

7.3.1 DT-X11 Device Emulator

The DT-X11 Device Emulator emulates various operations carried out by the actual DT-X11
terminal on the PC's screen such as mouse operation, input on PC's keyboard, displaying execution
of applications, and operations by actual devices such as the scanner. Figure 7.3 shows an emulated
DT-X11 device on the screen of a PC.
Figure 7.3
Key Input
The emulator offers key input capability similar to that of the actual DT-X11 device. For instance, a
key on the emulated keyboard of DT-X11 on the screen (see Figure 7.3) can be clicked with the PC
mouse as well as key input made directly on the PC's keyboard.
Reading Bar Codes
The emulator enables bar codes pre-registered in the I/O Simulator (see Figure 7.2) to be input when
clicking Trigger key on the emulated keyboard (see Figure 7.3). Note however that the Trigger key
must be continuously pressed for a second or more otherwise an incorrect key input may result.
The emulator offers beep and sound capability similar to that of the actual DT-X11 device.


Table of Contents

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