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Visual Studio .Net 2003 - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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6.4 Visual Studio .NET 2003

There is no actual SDK available for Visual Studio as such. However, the CASIO libraries have
been released for VB .NET and C#. See Chapter 9 for basic usage instructions. Microsoft has
released an add-on for Visual Studio .NET 2003 that allows you to set the target CPU for a
connected device (Visual Studio is unable to detect the target CPU of non-Pocket PC devices).
Follow the steps below to install the add-on pack.
1. Download "Windows CE Utilities for Visual Studio .NET 2003 Add-on Pack 1.1" from the site
described in Chapter 2.3 "Software Required".
2. Establish connection via ActiveSync between the DT-X11 and PC using any of the methods
described in Chapter 5 "Connecting the DT-X11 to PC".
3. Navigate to Tools → Select Windows CE Device CPU.
4. In Select the device architecture pull-down menu box, choose ARMV4I.
5. Click Configure.
6. Re-start Visual Studio .NET 2003.
You will now, for example, be able to choose Deploy <appname> from the Build menu and your
project will be deployed directly to the DT-X11. You will now also be able to remotely debug
applications over your ActiveSync connection.


Table of Contents

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