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Starting Up The Device Emulator - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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7.2 Starting Up the Device Emulator

After installing all required software described in Chapter 7.1, follow the steps below to start up the
Device Emulator on your PC.
1. Navigate to Start menu → All Programs → CASIO Device Emulator and click DT-X11.
Make sure that the DT-X11 Device Emulator has started up on the screen. See Figure 7.1. If
Figure 7.1 and Figure 7.2 appear on your PC, you are ready to use the emulator.
Figure 7.1 DT-X11 Device Emulator
Terminology of Emulator and Simulator;
The Emulator described in this reference manual is a software application that behaves in a very
similar way to the actual device by imitating individual hardware components or protocols present in
the actual hardware.
On the other hand, the Simulator is also a software application that logically integrates application
programming interfaces ("API") and certain other functions to allow debugging of the application
program using external events. The Emulator performs in a pseudo CPU and hardware
environment and it is impossible for the application to recognize whether it is in the actual device
environment or pseudo environment. However, actions carried out by the Simulator are not as
alike to those performed by actual components but merely mimic them very closely.
Figure 7.2 I/O Simulator


Table of Contents

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