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Connection Via Windows Mobile Device Center - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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5.3 Connection via Windows Mobile Device Center

To establish connection via USB interface with PC runs in Windows Vista, use Windows Mobile
Device Center ("WMDC"). The DT-X11 with the factory-setting (default) does not support the
WMDC. Follow the procedure below to change the setting on the DT-X11.
Note that the CAB file, USBClientDTX11.110.CAB, must be installed in the DT-X11 prior to
establishing connection with the DT-X11 via Windows Mobile Device Center. For installation
method, refer to Chapter 6.1 "Installing CAB Files".
1. Close all applications running on the DT-X11.
2. Navigate to Settings → Control Panel → USB Connection.
3. Click Connect Utility tab (see red circle).
Figure 5.26
4. Choose Windows Mobile Device Center radio button and then click OK button.
Figure 5.27
5. A dialogue asking your final confirmation appears. Click YES button.
Figure 5.28


Table of Contents

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