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Visual Studio; Chapter 9. Visual Studio - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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9. Visual Studio

This chapter explains the development procedure of the application that uses the following
development platforms.
- Visual Studio 2008
- Visual Studio 2005
- Visual Studio .Net 2003
• Compact Framework 2.0 is implemented in the DT-X11. It is upper-compatible with Compact
Framework 1.0 implemented in the CASIO DT-X10 and IT-500.
• The functions of the Common Device Control Library which control various individual devices
integrated in the DT-X11 have different name spaces and names from those available for the
previous CASIO handheld terminals. They are not compatible with the ones in the previous
CASIO library.
• VB .NET application or C# application developed with Visual Studio .NET 2003, but not with
the CASIO dedicated libraries will run on the DT-X11.
• Application developed with any functions of CASIO dedicated library must be rewritten by
replacing the dedicated functions with the appropriate functions from the Device Common
• New application for the DT-X11 can be developed using either VB .NET or C# in Visual
Studio .NET 2003 or Visual Studio 2005.
• It is recommended that Visual Studio .NET 2003 is used to modify applications developed for
other handheld terminals when porting them to the DT-X11.
• However, if Visual Studio 2005 is used to make modification, the solution/project of Visual
Studio .NET 2003 is automatically changed by Visual Studio 2005. This may result in different
configuration of the output folder according to the parameter settings for the project file. Process
your application development with care focusing to this change.


Table of Contents

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