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Connection Via Wlan - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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5.4 Connection via WLAN

The fastest and easiest way to connect the DT-X11 to your PC for development purpose is WLAN
compliant with the IEEE802.11b standard. In this configuration, models with WLAN module
integrated (applicable to DT-X11M10RC, M30RC, M10RC-CN, and M30RC-CN) are operable.
Follow the steps below to establish connection between the DT-X11 and PC via WLAN.
Establish Partnership
Establish partnership first between the DT-X11 and PC via Direct IrDA or Direct USB, or via
Bridge Satellite Cradle.
Set up WLAN Connection on the DT-X11
1. Initiate NetSearch tool by navigating to Programs → Communication → NetSearch.
Figure 5.29 displays a list of WLAN stations.
Figure 5.29
2. Navigate to Display → New Connection menu and set up the parameters shown in Basic
(see Figure 5.30), IP Setting (see Figure 5.31), and WLAN Setting (see Figure 5.32) tabs.
3. Enter the SSID (see Figure 5.30) and other necessary security parameters for the network. Tap
OK button and then close the configuration window.
4. A prompt that informs you that a reset is necessary to confirm these changes. Tap OK button.
Figure 5.30
Figure 5.31
Figure 5.32


Table of Contents

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