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Visual Studio 2005 - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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6.3 Visual Studio 2005

There is no actual SDK available for Visual Studio as such. However, the CASIO libraries have
been released for VB .NET and C#. See Chapter 9 for basic usage instructions. In this chapter, the
remote debugging procedure using the DT-X11 for application development in VB .NET and C#
environments is explained.
1. Establish connection with the DT-X11 via ActiveSync.
2. Open the application project for VB .NET or C# in Visual Studio 2005.
3. Click the button in square box drawn by red line (see Figure 6.2) to make sure that Visual Studio
2005 has recognized the connection established with the DT-X11 via ActiveSync. If it does not,
start up ActiveSync again to establish connection.
Figure 6.2
4. Choose DT-X11 Device in the pull-down menu box in Figure 6.3.
Figure 6.3
5. If the debugger has started, debugging for the application can be carried out while checking each
operation by the application running on the DT-X11.


Table of Contents

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