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Connection Via Bluetooth - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

Dt-x11 series
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5.5 Connection via Bluetooth

There are many peripherals such as USB dongles and PC Cards on the market that will allow you to
add a Bluetooth serial port to a PC. This guide only covers the DT-X11 side of the connection and
assumes that you have a suitably configured Bluetooth COM port available on your PC. Your PC
may require a Passkey during connection; if so, you will be prompted on the DT-X11 at some point
to enter the Passkey before the connection can be completed.
Establish Partnership
Establish partnership first between the DT-X11 and PC via Direct IrDA or Direct USB, or via
Bridge Satellite Cradle.
Set up Bluetooth Connection on the DT-X11
1. On the DT-X11, navigate to Start → Settings → Control Panel → Bluetooth
2. After a few seconds, a list of detected Bluetooth devices should appear. Identify the PC amongst
these and double tap its icon in the list.
3. A list of available services for the PC will appear. Bluetooth Serial Port should be among
them (the exact name may vary depending on the Bluetooth hardware you are using on the PC).
4. Tap and hold Bluetooth Serial Port icon (see Figure 5.34) and a pop-up menu should appear
with an icon Use to connect for ActiveSync.
5. Tap this icon, and then it will change to an ActiveSync icon.
Figure 5.34
6. Tap Bluetooth Serial Port (or whatever the specific item is on your PC) and then ActiveSync
connection to the PC will be established.
7. If you tap and hold Bluetooth Serial Port icon in the screen that displays the PC side services,
you can choose Add Shortcut menu to create a shortcut to this connection.
8. Tap the blue icon in the Taskbar (see Figure 5.34) and choose Shortcut.
9. Tap and hold the shortcut you created in the step 5 and tap Auto Connection in the context
menu (see Figure 5.35).


Table of Contents

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