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Debugging Applications; Setting Build Configuration - Casio DT-X11M10E Quick Start Manual

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7.4 Debugging Applications

This chapter describes how to debug your application using the Device Emulator. Before starting
to "Build", establish a connection between the DT-X11 and your PC via ActiveSync by referring to
Chapter 7.3 "Using the Device Emulator".
For the basic order of developing an application, refer to Chapters 8 "eMbedded Visual C++" and 9
"Visual Studio".

7.4.1 Setting Build Configuration

When using Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2005
• Choose Debug in the Solution Configurations pull-down menu in Visual Studio 2008 or Visual
Studio 2005 and DT-X11 Emulator in the target device pull-down menu. See Figure 7.17.
Figure 7.17
When using eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0
• Choose DT-X11 in the Active WCE Configuration in the pull-down menu in eMbedded Visual
C++ 4.0, Win32 (WCE ARMV4I) Debug in the Active Configuration pull-down menu, and
DT-X11 Device in the Device pull-down menu.
Figure 7.18
7.4.2 Debugging Applications
Basic Debug Operation
The debug operation used for the Device Emulator in both Visual Studio 2005 and eMbedded
Visual C++ 4.0 is the same as an ordinary debug operation using the actual terminal.
Debugging with the Device Emulator
With the Device Emulator, it is possible to set a break point in the source code of the application
for step-by-step debugging.


Table of Contents

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