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Operating Your New Appliance - Sage Barista Express BES870UK Instruction Booklet

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oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE

BEforE fIrSt USE
machine Preparation
Remove and discard all labeling and
packaging materials attached to your
espresso machine. Ensure you have removed
all parts and accessories before discarding
the packaging.
Clean parts and accessories (water tank,
portafilter, filter baskets and jug) using
warm water and a gentle dish washing liquid
and rinse well. Wipe the outer housing, bean
hopper and drip tray with a soft damp cloth
and dry thoroughly. Do not immerse the
outer housing, power cord or power plug in
water or any other liquid.
The water filter located inside the water tank
will need to be removed before washing the
water tank.
CondItIonIng tHE WatEr fIltEr
Remove filter from the plastic bag and
soak in a cup of water for 5 minutes.
Rinse filter under cold running water.
Wash the stainless steel mesh in
the plastic filter compartment with
cold water.
Insert the filter into the filter holder.
Set the dial date 2 months ahead.
To install filter, push down to lock
into place.
Slide the water tank into position and
lock into place.
To purchase replacement water filters
please contact Sage
Customer Service on
0844 334 5110.
by Heston
Initial Start Up
Fill tank with water.
Press POWER on.
A pumping sound will be heard. The
machine will reach operating temperature
and go into STANDBY mode.
flUSHIng tHE maCHInE
It is recommended to complete a water
flushing operation, without ground coffee, to
ensure the machine has been conditioned.
When the machine has reached STANDBY
mode, run the following 2 steps.
Press the 2 CUP button to run hot water
through the group head for 30 seconds.
Activate steam for 10 seconds.
Repeat this cycle until the water tank
is empty.
Do not clean any of the parts or
accessories in the dishwasher.

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