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Coffee Making Tips & Preparation - Sage Barista Express BES870UK Instruction Booklet

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CoffEE maKIng tIPS & PrEParatIon
Heating your cup or glass
A warm cup will help maintain the coffee's
optimal temperature. Pre-heat your cup by
rinsing with hot water and place on the cup
warming tray.
Using the hot water outlet
Turn the Steam/Hot Water dial to the Hot
Water position. The Steam/Hot Water
LED on the front panel will begin to flash
indicating the Hot Water function has been
selected & the Thermo-coil is increasing in
temperature. Hot Water will be dispensed
from the Hot Water spout. Turn the dial
back to STANDBY to stop the flow of
hot water.
Heating the portafilter and filter basket
A cold portafilter and filter basket can
reduce the extraction temperature enough
to significantly affect the quality of your
espresso. Ensure the portafilter and filter
basket are preheated with hot water before
initial use.
Wipe the filter and filter holder dry
before dosing with ground coffee as
moisture can encourage 'channeling'
where water by-passes the ground
coffee during extraction.
SInglE Wall fIltErS
Single wall filters (1 & 2 CUP) are designed to
be used with freshly ground coffee and allow
you to experiment with grind and dose, to
create a more balanced espresso.
1 Cup
tHE grInd
When grinding coffee beans, the grind size
should be fine but not too fine. The grind
size will affect the rate at which the water
flows through the ground coffee in the filter
basket and the taste of the espresso.
If the grind is too fine (looks like powder
and feels like flour when rubbed between
fingers), the water will not flow through the
coffee when under pressure. The resulting
espresso will be OVER EXTRACTED, dark
in colour and bitter in flavour.
If the grind is too coarse the water will
flow through the ground coffee in the filter
basket too quickly. The resulting espresso
will be UNDER EXTRACTED lacking in
colour and flavour.
2 Cup

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