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Sage Barista Express BES870UK Instruction Booklet

Barista express
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BES870UK Issue - B13
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  Summary of Contents for Sage Barista Express BES870UK

  • Page 1 ‰ Sage by Heston Blumenthal ™ Customer Service Centre Phone: 0844 334 5110 Register your product and What’s on your mind? get more from your purchase Our constant aim is to improve the quality and features of our appliances.
  • Page 2: Barista Express

    Barista Express ™ Instruction Booklet BES870UK...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    PAge heAder..ContEntS We recommend safety first Getting to know your new appliance Operating your new appliance Coffee making tips & preparation Care & cleaning Troubleshooting Coffees to try...
  • Page 4: We Recommend Safety First

    −The Blue wire must be • Your Sage ™ by Heston connected to the terminal ‰ Blumenthal appliance which is marked ‘N’. includes a BS 13 amp −The Brown wire must be...
  • Page 5 PAge heAder..WE rECommEnd SafEty fIrSt • Carefully read all instructions • The appliance is not intended before operating and save for to be operated by means of future reference. an external timer or separate remote control system. • Remove safely discard any packaging material and •...
  • Page 6 WE rECommEnd SafEty fIrSt • Do not leave the Barista The symbol shown Express™ unattended indicates that this when in use. appliance should not be disposed of in normal • Do not touch hot surfaces. household waste. It Allow the Barista Express™ to should be taken to a cool down before moving or local authority waste...
  • Page 7: Important Safeguards

    See your electrician for appliance becomes damaged professional advice. in any way. If damaged or maintenance other than cleaning is required, please contact Sage ™ by Heston ‰ Blumenthal Customer Service on 0844 334 5110 or go to •...
  • Page 8 Children shall immediately cease use of the not play with the appliance. appliance and contact Sage Cleaning and user Customer Service on 0844 maintenance shall not 334 5110. be made by children without supervision.
  • Page 9 PAge heAder..fEatUrES of yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE IntEgratEd ConICal BUrr adjUStaBlE tEmPEratUrE grIndEr Control Stainless steel conical burrs maximise For optimum coffee flavour. ground coffee surface area for a full espresso flavour. tHErmoCoIl HEatIng SyStEm Integrated stainless steel water coil adjUStaBlE grInd SIzE accurately controls water temperature.
  • Page 10: Getting To Know Your New Appliance

    PAge heAder..gEttIng to KnoW yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE Automatic Dosing Steam Light /Hot Water Select between single or double Illuminates to indicate that the steam or filter basket. hot water function is selected. Mechanical Clutch Protection Group Head Grind Size Selector Extra-Tall Cup Height For Coffee Mugs 18 grind settings from fine to coarse.
  • Page 11 PAge heAder..gEttIng to KnoW yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE not SHoWn Instant Hot Water Dedicated hot water outlet for making PID Temperature Control long blacks and pre-heating cups. For increased temperature stability. Stainless Steel Portafilter With commercial style spouts. Adjustable Temperature Control 360°...
  • Page 12: Operating Your New Appliance

    To install filter, push down to lock into place. • Slide the water tank into position and lock into place. notE To purchase replacement water filters please contact Sage by Heston ™ ‰ Blumenthal Customer Service on 0844 334 5110.
  • Page 13: Filling The Water Tank

    oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE fIllIng tHE WatEr tanK There are 18 settings on the GRIND SIZE select dial - The smaller the number, the • Ensure the water filter is securely fitted finer the grind size. The larger the number, inside the tank.
  • Page 14 oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE adjUStIng tHE grInd amoUnt tamPIng tHE groUnd CoffEE Set the GRIND AMOUNT dial to the • Once the grind function has been 3 o’clock position as a starting point for dose completed, carefully withdraw the amount. Adjust towards LESS or MORE as portafilter from the grinding cradle, required to adjust the dose amount so the cap being careful not to spill any ground...
  • Page 15 oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE PrE-ProgrammEd Press 2 CUP button to start espresso extraction. Press 2 CUP again once SHot VolUmE – 2 CUP desired volume of espresso has been Press the 2 CUP button once. A preset extracted. The machine will beep double espresso volume of approx.
  • Page 16: Texturing Milk

    UndEr ExtraCtEd zonE The Sage™ by Heston Blumenthal‰ Barista Express™ comes complete with a commercial The gauge needle, when positioned in the style 360˚ stainless steel steam wand.
  • Page 17 oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE USIng tHE StEam dIal notE • Position the steam tip over the drip tray. After 5 minutes of continuous Turn the STEAM selector dial to the steaming, the machine will steam position. The red steam light will automatically disable the steam flash to indicate the machine is heating function.
  • Page 18 oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE adVanCEd modE default temperature setting: In Advanced Mode, press the adjusting Water temperature PROGRAMME button. Different beans require a different water temperature to extract their optimum flavour. The Barista Express™ allows you to adjust water temperature ±2°C in 1°C increments from the default temperature.
  • Page 19 PAge heAder..oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE decrease Water temperature -1˚C: In Advanced Mode, press the FILTER button. POWER FILTER SIZE PROGRAMME SINGLE DOUBLE decrease Water temperature -2˚C: In Advanced Mode, press the POWER button. POWER FILTER SIZE PROGRAMME SINGLE DOUBLE...
  • Page 20: Coffee Making Tips & Preparation

    CoffEE maKIng tIPS & PrEParatIon PrE-HEatIng SInglE Wall fIltErS Single wall filters (1 & 2 CUP) are designed to Heating your cup or glass be used with freshly ground coffee and allow A warm cup will help maintain the coffee’s you to experiment with grind and dose, to optimal temperature.
  • Page 21 CoffEE maKIng tIPS & PrEParatIon CoffEE doSE and tamPIng PUrgIng tHE groUP HEad • Before placing the portafilter into the • Wipe coffee basket with a dry cloth. group head, run a short flow of water • Using single wall filter baskets, grind through the group head by pressing enough coffee to fill the coffee basket.
  • Page 22 CoffEE maKIng tIPS & PrEParatIon A great espresso is about achieving the perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and bitterness. The flavour of your coffee will depend on many factors, such as the type of coffee beans, degree of roast, freshness, coarseness or fineness of the grind, dose of ground coffee, and tamping pressure.
  • Page 23 CoffEE maKIng tIPS & PrEParatIon HIntS & tIPS • Always use freshly ground coffee for a superior flavour and body. • Use freshly roasted coffee beans, with a ‘roasted on’ date and use within 2 weeks of ‘roasted on’ date. •...
  • Page 24: Care & Cleaning

    To install, push down to lock into place. The water filter can be removed from the water tank during operation if not required. notE To purchase replacement water filters please contact Sage by Heston ™ ‰ Blumenthal Customer Service on...
  • Page 25: Cleaning Cycle

    If cleaning is required, simply follow the steps below and refer to the Machine notE Cleaning Cycle guide. To purchase replacement cleaning Insert the cleaning disk into the one tablets, please contact Sage ™ or two cup filter disc. ‰ Heston Blumenthal Customer Place the filter basket into Service on 0844 334 5110.
  • Page 26 CarE & ClEanIng SolUtIon for dECalCIfyIng dECalCIfyIng tHE maCHInE • Remove the portafilter and frothing diluted Solution (for softer water) attachment. Pour the mixture of white • 1 part white vinegar vinegar and water into the water tank. • 2 parts cold tap water •...
  • Page 27: Cleaning Conical Burr Grinder

    CarE & ClEanIng ClEanIng tHE ConICal BUrr grIndEr This grinder cleaning cycle removes oil build-up on the burrs which can impede performance. SINGLE DOUBLE PUSH POWER GRIND AMOUNT FILTER SIZE POWER GRIND AMOUNT FILTER SIZE Unlock hopper Empty hopper Replace hopper Lock hopper Run grinder empty Unlock hopper...
  • Page 28: Cleaning The Steam Wand

    CarE & ClEanIng ClEanIng tHE StEam Wand Run steam to clear milk Wipe steam wand after Clean hole with pin Remove tip Soak tip overnight then from wand after texturing each use re-attach The steam wand should always be cleaned •...
  • Page 29: Cleaning The Drip Tray

    CarE & ClEanIng ClEanIng tHE oUtEr HoUSIng / StorIng yoUr maCHInE CUP WarmIng PlatE Before storing, press the POWER button to off, turn the steam dial to STANDBY switch The outer housing and tray warming plate Off at the power outlet and unplug. can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    troUBlESHootIng ProBlEm PoSSIBlE CaUSES WHat to do When the machine is • Steam dial is not in Turn the Steam dial to STANDBY position. ‘STANDBY’ position. switched on, the steam Machine will commence lights is flashing. normal heat up procedure. Coffee does not run •...
  • Page 31 troUBlESHootIng ProBlEm PoSSIBlE CaUSES WHat to do Coffee is too cold. • Cups not preheated. Preheat cups. Refer to ‘Pre-Warming The Cups’, page 17. • Milk not heated enough When the base of the jug (if making a cappuccino becomes too hot to touch or latté).
  • Page 32 troUBlESHootIng ProBlEm PoSSIBlE CaUSES WHat to do Coffee runs out around • Filter holder is not Refer to ‘Inserting The inserted in the group Portafilter’, page 18. the edge of the filter head properly. holder. • There are coffee Clean any excess ground grounds around the coffee from the rim of the filter rim.
  • Page 33 troUBlESHootIng ProBlEm PoSSIBlE CaUSES WHat to do no steam is generated. • Machine is not Ensure the machine is turned On. plugged in, switched On at the power outlet and the POWER button is pressed • Water tank is empty. Refer to ‘Filling The Water Tank’, page 11.
  • Page 34 troUBlESHootIng ProBlEm PoSSIBlE CaUSES WHat to do no ground coffee coming • No coffee beans in Fill hopper. hopper. from grinder. • Blocked grinder chute. Clean and clear grinder chamber and chute. Refer to ‘Advanced Grinder Cleaning’, page 24. • Water / moisture in Clean and clear grinder grinder chamber...
  • Page 35: Coffees To Try

    PAge heAder..CoffEES to try CaPPUCCIno A single shot of espresso with textured milk, garnished with drinking chocolate. Cup size 150–220ml. ESPrESSo Intense and aromatic, served in a small cup or glass. latté A latté consists of a single espresso with textured milk and approximately 10mm of foam.
  • Page 36 notES...