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Filling The Water Tank; Automatic Dosing; Grinding The Coffee - Sage Barista Express BES870UK Instruction Booklet

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oPEratIng yoUr nEW aPPlIanCE

fIllIng tHE WatEr tanK

Ensure the water filter is securely fitted
inside the tank.
Fill the water tank with cold tap water
to the maximum mark on the side of the
tank and slide the water tank back into
position at the back of the machine.
Plug the power cord into power outlet
and switch On at power point.
Press the POWER button to On. The
POWER button surround will flash while
the machine is heating. When the correct
temperature has been reached, all the
button surrounds on the control panel
will illuminate.
Check the water level before use and
replace the water daily. The water
tank should be filled with fresh, cold
tap water before each use.
Do not use de-mineralised or distilled
water or any other liquid.
SEttIng tHE grInd SIzE
The grind size will affect the rate of water
flow through the coffee in the filter basket
and the flavour of the espresso. When
setting the grind size, it should be fine but
not too fine and powdery.
There are 18 settings on the GRIND SIZE
select dial - The smaller the number, the
finer the grind size. The larger the number,
the coarser the grind size. We recommend
you start at the No. 5 setting and adjust
as required.

grIndIng tHE CoffEE

Fill the hopper with fresh coffee beans.
Place the portafilter into the
grinding cradle.
Insert filter basket required into the
Press the FILTER SIZE button to select
your filter size (single or double).

aUtomatIC doSIng

Push and release the portafilter to
activate the grinding switch, then allow
the portafilter to be dosed with fresh
ground coffee.
To stop the grinding function during
single or double dose, simply press the
filter size button.

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