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Precautions For Airpolishing Procedures; Infection Control; Infection Control Information Reference Card; General Infection Control Recommendations - DENTSPLY Cavitron PROPHY-JET Directions For Use Manual

Air polishing prophylaxis system
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Section 4: Infection Control
4.1 Infection Control Information
Reference Card
For your convenience, an Infection Control Information reference
card, printed on durable stock, has been included with your Cavitron
Air Polishing Prophylaxis System. If your card is
missing or misplaced, you can request a replacement in the U.S. by
calling Customer Service at 1-800-989-8826 Monday through Fri-
day, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) For other areas, contact
your local DENTSPLY representative.
4.2 General Infection Control
• As with all dental procedures, use standard personal
protection equipment (i.e., wear face mask, eyewear or face
shield, gloves and protective gown).
• As with high speed handpieces, and other dental devices, the
combination of water, air and powder from your Cavitron
Section 5: Installation Instructions
5.1 General Information
If the installation of your Cavitron
Prophylaxis System is performed by someone other than trained
Dealer personnel, care should be taken to observe the
following requirements and recommendations.

5.2 Water Line Requirements

• The System's water supply line is factory installed. Do not
disconnect from the System.
• The System's water line filter is factory installed. Do not
disconnect from the system.
• Incoming water supply line pressure to the System must be
25 psi (172 kPa) to 60 psi (414kPa). If your dental w a t e r
system's supply line pressure is above 60 psi (414 kPa), install
a water pressure regulator on the supply line
• A manual shut-off valve on the dental water system supply
line should be used so that the water can be completely shut-
off when the office is unoccupied.
• A filter in the dental water system supply line is
recommended so that any particulates in the water supply
will be trapped before reaching the System.
• After the above installations are completed on the dental
water supply system, the dental office water line should be
thoroughly flushed prior to connection to the System.
Air Polishing
Air Polishing Prophylaxis
create aerosols. With proper technique, much of the
be effectively controlled and minimized. Please carefully
follow the procedural guide lines in this manual regarding
the use of your System.
• For maximal operator and patient safety, carefully follow the
Infection Control Information procedures detailed on the
reference card accompanying your System.

4.3 Water Supply Recommendations

It is highly recommended that all dental water supply systems
conform to applicable CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention) and ADA (American Dental Association) standards, and
that all recommendations be followed in terms of flushing, chemical
flushing, and general infection control procedures.
5.3 Air Line Requirements &
• An air supply line is factory installed on Cavitron
not disconnect it.
• Incoming air supply line pressure to the System must be
65 psig (448kPa) to 100 psig (690kPa). If your office air line
pressure is above 100 psig (690kPa), install an air pressure
regulator on the supply line to your Cavitron
• A manual shut-off valve on the office air supply line should
be used so that the air line can be completely shut-off, and
the line pressure relieved when the office is unoccupied.
• Your System must be supplied with clean, dry air. To help
prevent water condensation from forming in the air supply
line which may cause the system to malfunction, it is strongly
recommended that an air dryer be used on the compressor
line supplying the System.

5.4 Electrical Requirements

Refer to Section 11: Specifications.
Air Polishing Prophylaxis System will
System's aerosol dispersion can
Air Polishing Prophylaxis System. Do
Air Polishing Prophylaxis System.