Section G - Teardown; Removing The Knobs; Raising The Top - Electrolux 27" Electric Dryers Service Manual

Gas & electric models
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This section will describe how to remove components
from both gas and electric dryer. Unless stated, the
procedure will be the same on all dryers. Unless stated,
reverse the procedure to reinstall the component.
Always remove electrical power from
the dryer when working in an area where electrical
power is present.
Always turn the gas off to the dryer be-
fore opening any gas piping.
There are two styles of dryers, those with the controls
mounted on top in the rear (top console),
and those with the control mounted in the front (front

Removing the knobs:

1. The shafts of the knobs are D shaped and pull
straight off.

Raising the top:

1. The top is held in the rear by hinges and slots
and in front by spring loaded clips.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents