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Removing The Door; Separating The Door Panel; Removing The Door Seal; Removing The Door Handle - Electrolux 27" Electric Dryers Service Manual

Gas & electric models
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Removing the door:

1. Open the door and remove the four screws holding
the door to the hinges.

Separating the door panel:

1. Remove the door.
2. Remove the two screws from the end and two
screws from the bottom.
3. Lift the inner panel off the outer panel.

Removing the door seal:

1. The door seal is fasten to the inner door liner by
expandable tabs pushed through slots in the liner.
2. If the seal is to be replaced open the door and pull
the seal from the liner. If the seal is to be reused,
separate the panels and use a small screwdriver to
push the tabs through the liner.

Removing the door handle:

1. Separate the panel and release the tabs holding
the handle in outer panel.

Removing the door strike:

1. Separate the panel, squeeze the ends of the strike
and push it through the inner panel.