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Removing The Manifold Pipe (Gas Dryers); Removing The Vent Pipe (Gas Dryers); Removing The Gasket Between The Vent Pipe And Blower Housing - Electrolux 27" Electric Dryers Service Manual

Gas & electric models


Table of Contents
Removing the manifold pipe: (Gas dryers)
1. Disconnect the dryer from electrical supply.
2. Turn the gas supply off and disconnect the gas
supply from the dryer.
3. Remove dryer front panel.
4. Using a 15/16” open end wrench disconnect
manifold pipe from the valve.
5. Remove the two screws holding the manifold pipe
to the base and lift the pipe out.
Removing the vent pipe: (Gas dryers)
1. Remove the one screw holding vent to the rear
panel and pull the vent pipe out the back.
Removing the gasket between the vent pipe and
blower housing : (Gas dryers)
1. Disconnect the dryer from electrical supply.
2. Remove front panel and slide the gasket
completely on to the vent pipe.
3. Remove the vent pipe out the rear of the dryer and
remove the gasket from the vent pipe.
4. When reinstalling, install the gasket on the vent
pipe, install the vent pipe in the dryer and slide half
of the gasket on to the blower housing from the
front of the dryer.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents