Removing The Sensor Bars; Replacing The Drum Light Bulb; Replacing The Drum Light Housing - Electrolux 27" Electric Dryers Service Manual

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4. Release the five tabs, three at top and two at the
5. Slide the console panel up to disengage it from the
control mounting panel.

Removing the sensor bars:

1. Disconnect the dryer from electrical supply.
2. Open the dryer door and remove the lint screen.
3. Remove the two screws holding the vent grill to the
front panel.
4. Pull the grill into the drum and disconnect the

Replacing the drum light bulb:

1. Open the dryer door, release the clip holding the
light shield by pushing up, and unscrew the bulb.

Replacing the drum light housing:

1. Disconnect the dryer from electrical supply.
2. Raise the top and disconnect the wires from the
light socket.
Push in to release the tab at the end of the housing
and push the housing into the drum.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents