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Operating instructions
Optima Series
G 1470
G 2470
To prevent accidents
and machine damage
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 06 696 060


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   Summary of Contents for MIELE G 2470

  • Page 1

    Operating instructions Optima Series G 1470 G 2470 To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 06 696 060...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ....... . . 4 Guide to the dishwasher ..........7 Caring for the environment .

  • Page 3

    Problems water intake/drain ......... 38 General problems with the dishwasher ....... . . 39 Sounds .

  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Be certain your appliance is properly installed and grounded by Keep these operating instructions in a qualified technician. To guarantee the a safe place and pass them on to electrical safety of this appliance any future user. continuity must exist between the appliance and an effective grounding system.

  • Page 5

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Installation , WARNING - Fire hazard Do not cover or crush the plug of The dishwasher must be installed the appliance. Ensure that the cabinet and connected in compliance with opening for the dishwasher provides the installation instructions.

  • Page 6

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Only use detergents and rinse aids recommended for residential To reduce the risk of injury, do not dishwashers. Keep all detergents and allow children to play in, on or near rinse aids out of the reach of children.

  • Page 7: Guide To The Dishwasher

    Guide to the dishwasher a Upper spray arm (not visible) g Filter combination b Cutlery tray (depending on model) h Data plate c Upper basket i Optical interface d Middle spray arm j Rinse aid reservoir e Air inlet for drying...

  • Page 8

    Guide to the dishwasher Control panel a Time display f Program selection b Delay Start button d with indicator g Program button h On button g / Indicator c Detergent button d Check / Refill indicators i Off button o...

  • Page 9: Caring For The Environment

    ^ For fastest possible wash times, yet higher energy consumption, connect the dishwasher to a hot water source. ^ Make full use of the baskets without overloading for the most economical washing. ^ Use the correct amount of detergent and rinse aid.

  • Page 10: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time To open the door To close the door ^ Push the baskets in. ^ Lift the door and push until it clicks into position. ^ Pull the handle to open the door. If the door is opened during operation, the dishwasher will stop running.

  • Page 11: Water Softener

    "p". If the hardness of your local supply ^ Turn the dishwasher off with "o". is constantly lower than 4 °d , you do not need to add water softener salt. The salt indicator turns off automatically.

  • Page 12: Filling The Salt Container

    Carefully fill with salt. The salt container holds approx. When opening the salt container, 4.5 lbs (2 kg) of salt. As it is filled, water will run out. Open the water will run out. container only to refill salt.

  • Page 13: Salt Indicator

    Before using for the first time Salt indicator ^ When the "Salt" indicator comes on, refill the salt after the program is finished. After the container has been filled, the water softener is automatically reactivated the next time the dishwasher is started. The "Salt"...

  • Page 14: Rinse Aid

    When using "2 in 1" detergents, no ^ Pour liquid rinse aid into the reservoir rinse aid is needed. until it its visible on the surface of the screen. Adding rinse aid The rinse aid reservoir holds approx. 3.7 oz (110 ml).

  • Page 15: Rinse Aid Indicator

    The "Gel" indicator flashes 3 times. If the "2 in 1" function is selected, the The time display shows "p 3" flashing. rinse aid indicator will not light, see A rinse aid amount of 3 ml is selected "Additional functions - Detergent...

  • Page 16: Loading The Dishwasher

    ^ Place very small items in the cutlery inside of the dishwasher. tray or basket so they do not fall to Wax, grease and paint will cause the bottom of the wash cabinet. permanent discoloration and ^ Food residue and spilled liquids damage to the dishwasher.

  • Page 17: Items Not Recommended For Dishwashing

    – Cutlery with wooden handles wash by hand. – Wooden cutting boards – When purchasing new dishes, – Glued items such as old knives with glasses and cutlery, make sure they handles glued together around the are dishwasher safe. Only wash shank of the blade items marked "dishwasher safe"...

  • Page 18: Cutlery Tray

    Loading the dishwasher Cutlery tray (depending on model) Spoons with thick handles may have to be placed as knives and forks with their heads in the holders ^ Arrange the cutlery as shown in the cutlery tray. For easier unloading cutlery should be grouped in zones, one for knives, one for forks, one for spoons, etc.

  • Page 19: Cutlery Basket

    (depending on model) The supplied insert is designed to wash heavily soiled spoons. The individual slots allow the water to better reach the surface of each spoon. ^ For best cleaning results, cutlery should be placed in the basket with the handles down.

  • Page 20: Upper Basket

    ^ The bar can also be used to separate lightweight, or delicate items such as two rows of glasses. cups, saucers, glasses, dessert ^ To stack wide items, flip the bar to the bowls and flat pans. right. ^ Long items such as soup ladles,...

  • Page 21

    Removable spike insert The spike insert can be removed to create more space for larger items, e.g. a saucepan. ^ To remove an insert, gently pull up on the handle. Inserting the insert b: ^ Slide the hitches of the insert under the horizontal struts of the upper basket.

  • Page 22: Adjusting The Upper Basket

    ^ Slide out the upper basket. ^ Pull up the levers at the sides of the upper basket and adjust the basket height. ^ Release the levers and the basket will...

  • Page 23: Lower Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Lower basket ^ For larger and heavier items such as plates, serving platters, saucepans, bowls, etc.

  • Page 24: Lower Basket Inserts

    ^ The insert sits comfortably in the left side of the lower basket. ^ To insert tall items, raise the cup rest. The bottle holder, e.g. for vases and baby bottles, can be inserted into the lower basket.

  • Page 25

    Lower basket inserts Removing an insert a: Foldable Spike insert ^ To remove an insert, gently pull up on A highly flexible design holds tableware the handle. securely. ^ Hook the foldable spike insert into the Inserting an insert b: back right corner of the lower basket.

  • Page 26: Basket Accessories

    Basket accessories Additional inserts for the upper and lower baskets may be purchased from your Miele dealer or Miele. Depending on the model some accessories come standard with the machine. Glassware insert GGO To wash long stemmed glassware, attaches to the upper basket...

  • Page 27: Use

    Detergent You can use powder, gel or tab detergents. Follow the dosage Dishwasher detergents contain information on the detergent irritant and corrosive ingredients. packaging. See "Settings - Detergent" Avoid inhaling or swallowing for more information on detergent dishwasher detergent. usage.

  • Page 28: Adding Detergent

    ^ If a Pre-rinse is desired, and available spring open. for your chosen program, add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of detergent to The flap is always open at the end of a compartment I. program. The horizontal marks in compartment II indicate the levels of approximately 1 ¼...

  • Page 29: Turning On

    Turning on Selecting and starting a program ^ Open the water supply, if it is closed. ^ Choose your program according to ^ Open the door. the type of load and soiling. See the ^ Make sure the spray arms can rotate "Program Guide"...

  • Page 30: Program Guide

    Run-time 30 min To rinse dishes when a complete Rinse & Hold program is not needed detergent is not recommended Run-time 13 min Usage: Electric: 0.01 - 1.23 kWh Water: 1.3 - 6.3 gal (5 - 24 l)

  • Page 31: Use

    Each time a program is run, the "o" button. electronic adjusts the program running ^ If the dishwasher is not used for a time according to the intake water longer period of time, e.g. temperature and the load size.

  • Page 32: Interrupting A Program

    Interrupting a program Changing a program A program is interrupted as soon as the If the detergent flap is already open, door is opened. If the door is closed, do not change the program. the program will continue from where it was interrupted.

  • Page 33: Additional Options

    "2 in 1" or "Gel" lights. The function "2 in 1" adjusts the program cycle to the use of "2 in 1" If none of the indicators are lit, the detergent products (detergent with dishwasher is set to powder detergent.

  • Page 34: Delay Start

    With a delay start time between 30 minutes and 9 hours 30 minutes the Delay start display delay is set in 30 minute steps. For 10 Up to 59 minutes: e.g. 30 minutes = 30 hours or more it is set in one hour steps.

  • Page 35: Buzzer

    Hold the program button for at least The buzzer is activated by default. It 4 seconds until the lower right can be turned off, so it does not sound program indicator comes on. at the end of a program. The buzzer for If it does not come on, start over.

  • Page 36: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions With the aid of the following guide, minor problems can be fixed without a service call. Repairs should only be carried out by a qualified and trained person in accordance with local and national safety regulations. Unauthorized repairs could cause personal injury or machine damage.

  • Page 37

    The time display shows If the problem persists call FXX. Technical Service. The drain pump is Fault F70: The – Turn off the water supply. running when the door waterproof system – Call Miele Technical Service. is opened. has activated.

  • Page 38: Problems Water Intake/drain

    Consult a plumber. Fault F11: Water See "User Maintenance drain fault. Instructions". There may be – Clean the triple filter. water in the wash – Clean the drain pump and the cabinet. non-return valve. – Remove any kinks in the drain hose.

  • Page 39: General Problems With The Dishwasher

    Remove the residue. cannot be closed blocking the catch. properly. The door and the This is not a fault! It is the The moisture will evaporate interior walls are still normal operating mode of after a short time. wet after a program the drying system.

  • Page 40: Sounds

    Frequently asked questions Sounds Issue Possible fault There is a knocking The spray arm is hitting an Interrupt the program, noise in the wash item in the basket. rearrange items blocking cabinet. the spray arms. There is a rattling Items are not secure in the...

  • Page 41: Poor Cleaning Results

    The spray arms are blocked Turn the spray arm and by items. rearrange the dishes if necessary. The triple filter is clogged or Clean the filter and insert not correctly inserted. The the filter correctly, see "User spray arm jets may be Maintenance Instructions".

  • Page 42

    Dishes were taken out too Leave dishes in longer, see soon. "Use". A "2 in 1" product was used. Set the Detergent setting to These products have a low "Powder" and add rinse aid. drying effect.

  • Page 43

    No program was run after Start the "Short" program refilling salt. Salt residuals without a load after refilling got in the wash cycle. salt. The salt container lid was Reseat and screw the lid on not screwed on properly. firmly.

  • Page 44: After Sales Service

    After sales service Repairs MieleCare In the event of a fault which you cannot MieleCare, our Extended Service correct yourself please contact the Contract program, gives you the Miele Service Department at the phone assurance of knowing that your number on the back of this booklet.

  • Page 45: Transport

    – Transport the dishwasher in the upright position. If unavoidable it may be transported on its back. Do not transport it on its side or on the door. Residual water in the machine could leak and cause electrical damage.

  • Page 47: User Maintenance Instructions

    User Maintenance Instructions To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions before installation or use.

  • Page 48: Cleaning And Care

    This will help avoid faults the counter top. and problems. To clean the reflector, remove it from the plastic bracket. Abrasive cleaning agents, glass ^ Open the door and remove the cleaning agents, all-purpose reflector from the bracket.

  • Page 49: Triple Filter System

    Cleaning and Care Triple filter system The triple filter system in the base of the wash cabinet prevents food from being redeposited on dishes. It also protects the circulation pump from damage caused by foreign objects (e.g. broken glass, bones).

  • Page 50

    Cleaning and Care ^ Return the filter so it lies flat in the To clean the inside of the filter, the flap must be opened. base of the wash cabinet. ^ Push the clips together a and open ^ Lock the filter by turning the handle the flap b.

  • Page 51: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    ^ Pull the lower spray arm firmly unscrew the spray arm. upwards to remove. ^ Lift up the middle spray arm, a, to engage the ratchet and unscrew the ^ Use a pointed object such as a spray arm, b.

  • Page 52: Cleaning The Water Inlet Filter

    Cleaning the water inlet filter A filter is incorporated into the intake hose attached to the dishwasher’s shut off valve. If your water is hard or the pipes contain sediment, this filter may clog and prevent enough water from entering the wash cabinet.

  • Page 53: Cleaning The Drain Pump And Non-return Valve

    ^ Turn off the dishwasher and pull the plug. ^ Remove the triple filter (see "Triple filter system"). ^ Use a jug or bowl to scoop water out of the wash cabinet. The drain pump is beneath the non-return valve (see arrow).

  • Page 55: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions For installation of the dishwasher please refer to the Installation Sheet supplied with these instructions.

  • Page 56: Help To Protect The Environment

    Ensure that any plastic wrappings, for disposal. Before discarding an old bags etc. are disposed of safely and appliance, unplug it from the outlet, cut kept out of the reach of children. off its power cord and remove any Danger of suffocation! doors to prevent hazards.

  • Page 57: Electrical Connection

    Miele The dishwasher comes equipped with a cord by a Miele service technician. 4 ft (1.2 m) power cord with a molded plug for connection to 120 V, 60 Hz, GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS 15 A grounded receptacle.

  • Page 58: Plumbing

    If the hose is cut, the dishwasher will not work. – The inlet hose is approx. 5 ft. (1.5 m) There will be a waterleak and you long. A 5 ft (1.5 m) flexible metal could be injured.

  • Page 59: Drainage

    13 ft. (4 m), max. drain height: 39" (1 m). – If the hose is to be directly fitted to the drainage outlet on site, use the supplied hose clip. – The hose can be installed to the left or right side.

  • Page 60

    Alterations reserved/1906 G 1470 Vi M.-Nr. 06 696 060 / 02 G 2470 Vi en - US...

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